Kisko Amar-I – Hurt Di Innocent


Hurt Di Innocent is a new single from artist, Kisko Amar-I. This emotionally charged release offers social commentary and expresses support for the George Floyd related protests. The track combines elements of reggae with a little bit of rock and dance hall. The intro is pretty groovy, and the backing music features a light beat. Kisko Amar-I’s vocals drive the song, which makes sense given that there’s a social message that’s being emphasized. He utilizes his voice creatively, transforming it into an instrument in its own right through layering and tonal changes. The pacing is mellow and focused, but he does demonstrate he has the ability deliver at an impressive speed a few times in the song, (something which is also evident if you check out his other recordings). Hurt Di Innocent is a passionate and socially relevant jam that encapsulates the spirit of the age we live in.

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