Milk Tea – John 6, Street Mike & Mackinskey


Milk Tea is a new single from John 6, Street Mike & Mackinskey. Comprising of a lawyer, a doctor, and a geologist, the artists responsible for this flavorful jam all hail from The Philippines. The song is in Tagalog, but fortunately I was supplied with an English translation of the lyrics. As the title suggests,Milk Tea is a playful track dealing with the exploding popularity of bubble/boba tea among young Filipino urban professionals. It will be relatable to many Americans as well, given that the beverage has become fairly popular here among a variety of demographics.

The song also deals with the value of friendship, and how the experience of getting bubble tea is a relaxing social outing as much of a thirst quenching one. It’s like going out for drinks with your pals but without the hangover. The musical vibe is chill, and you don’t even need to understand the words to enjoy the track. The light, synth-driven beat and casually quick vocal delivery give the song a tropically futuristic and slightly hypnotic ambiance. Production quality is clean, providing for maximum clarity. Milk Tea is a cool track with a creative premise that’s well executed.

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