Walking Apollo – Self Titled EP

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A debut self-titled EP will soon be available from singer/songwriter, Walking Apollo (the stage name of Fort Worth-based artist, Buddy Taccolini). Slated for official release on August 8, 2020, this indie folk
gem features sentimental lyrics and a quietly rocking melodies. Reflective tracks like The Apple Falls cultivate an ambiance that’s reflective and naturalistic. Vocals and acoustic guitars drive much of the action, blending elements of folk, rock and Americana.

Though the artist describes his recording equipment as “rudimentary,” I have to say the production quality is quite good. From a sonic standpoint, these songs are practically commercial grade, which may not be what an independent folk artist is aspiring to achieve, but the performance leave plenty of indie cred to spare. The meticulous, delicate guitar playing is rich with detail and even contains a hint of twang. The minimalist mix allows the listener to fully appreciate the caliber of musicianship, as everything is out in the open. There is nowhere to conceal or obscure any potentially weak links in the chain. Female vocals appear often and their complementary effect helps to accentuate the album’s folk charm. Though the album has a compact and open feel, it does incorporate some effective layering to give things a bright, full sound. There are romantic undercurrents in some of these songs, but they take on a subdued, innocent form. The mood here would best be described ad the musical equivalent of a landscape painting.

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It’s difficult to standout in a genre this crowded, but that’s largely a marketing obstacle. Taccolini has proven himself to be a more than capable songwriter. If this guy was around in the 70s, he’d probably be a household name by now. The songs on this EP are indeed very good, combining heartfelt sincerity with technical ability. There’s potential for this project to go a long way, but even just the artistic purity of it will brighten the listener’s spirits a bit.

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