Dodelle – My Castle


My Castle is a new single from Belo Horizonte-based band, Dodelle. The group describes their sound as “independent authorial rock.” Felipe Fleury and Marcela do Valle are also credited with working on the production of this particular release. My Castle features some excellent guitar work. The tones are warm and crisp, while the playing style is bold and assertive. Vocalist Julie Vasconcelos delivers a charismatic performance. She sings well and delivers her lines with stylish flair. Production quality is top-tier, with a crystal clear mix treating us to maximum sonic quality. This track will really get you amped up, as it feels like you’re listening to it on a cranked up, high end stereo. It’s incredibly catchy and just rocks. My favorite parts of the song are when the backing vocals yell “castle!” I highly recommend the video as well, which is professionally filmed, well choreographed and features some of the coolest settings and visual props you’ll ever see in a music vid. This jam is a hit.

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