Kaylee Patterson – Other Side


Other Side is a new single from Montreal-based artist, Kaylee Patterson. This avant garde indie pop track is beautifully melodic. The afflicted sentimentality and tender charm in her vocals will instantly endear you to Kaylee. She has one of those softly assertive voices that seems built for indie. This music is artistic pop with mainstream appeal, in the spirit of cited influences like Lana Del Rey, Alexandra Savior and Leonard Cohen. It combines organic acoustic guitars with ambient, ethereal synths to create a bright and entrancing sound. Ultimately though, it’s her singing that’s responsible for the emotional magic in this recording, especially where harmonies are employed to enhance the effect of her vocals. Kaylee initially got into making music as an outlet to deal with relationship struggles and heartbreak. The expressive sincerity in this song is off the charts. Other Side just feels so real. Kaylee Patterson manages to achieve what most contemporary pop artists fail to do. She has successfully harnessed the power of high quality production without compromising the sensitivity and poetic substance of her song.

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