Tide Tan – Namaste


Namaste is a new single from rapper/singer, Tide Tan. A recurring theme in Tide Tan’s music is that “no matter how you feel or think about something, it is okay to do so and that you are never alone.” In the case of Namaste, the inspirational message deals with passion and fulfillment that comes with finding the right person to be with. The music is mellow and has a tropical pop vibe, while a firm beat gives it a healthy pulse. Tide Tan’s vocal delivery takes on a light pace but is loaded with sentimental passion. Namaste is a celebratory track, with lyrical expressions constituting a sort of “emotional victory lap” that comes with discovering true love. The video for this song features a summertime beach setting, emphasizing the aquatic ambiance and carefree romanticism. Namaste is a feel good jam that will lift your spirits, especially if you’re in love.

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