Evin Gibson – W.Y.W. (What You Want/Right Here)

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W.Y.W. (What You Want/Right Here) is a new single from artist Evin Gibson. This smooth track blends elements of pop, R&B and soul. Studio quality production, brings the song to life with an impressively clear and loud mix. The synth-driven beat has a nice bounce to it. Even listening to this jam while I was dead tired in the middle of the night made me feel like dancing a little bit. Evin has a very fluid delivery, and his voice has a nice range. You can definitely feel the energy and emotion when he sings. He also makes good use of backing vocal layering to add a bit of harmonic richness and complexity to the track. This is solid pop songwriting that’s hits all the marks for its target genre. Evin is currently signed with SANS entertainment, so be on the lookout for his upcoming projects.

What you want right here

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