Lostbrobigbro – Midnight


Midnight is a new single from hip hop artist, Lostbrobigbro. The synth-driven backing music is ambient and ethereal. Lostbrobigbro’s delivery has a very dreamlike, stream of consciousness quality to it. His voice is mellow and contemplative. The song is very relaxing. It’s like listening to someone collecting their thoughts in the middle of the night, hence the title. The mix demonstrates that Lostbrobigbrois a little bit more humble and musically conscious than many rappers. The vocals aren’t way out in front, and the music is given a prominent emphasis. Sonically, Midnight is very pleasing to the ears. It hits all the right frequencies. There’s no abrasion. The sound is fluid and smooth, but not flashy or slick. Overall, it’s a reflective track that will definitely transport you into higher level meditation mode.

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