Jimmy Spittz – I Like Girls


I Like Girls is a new single from artist, Jimmy Spittz. His interest in downtempo “coffee shop” beats and elevator-style music was apparently inspired by his trips to the city of Chicago, though he credits his faith in God as the spiritual influence behind much of his work. The song features smooth groovin’ lounge music with a beat that has a robust kick to it. The vibe is jazzy, and the recording it well-polished. There’s a classy, almost 70’s retro quality to the melody, while the bass affirms the track’s 21st century identity. Stylishly romantic, I Like Girls is both vibrant and sensual. In what could be described as an abstract, artistically impressive feat, it manages to cultivate its intended ambiance through instrumentals alone.

This is one of those songs that would be great to hear on vinyl. It’s the perfect record to play at an evening cocktail party. The music is versatile enough that you could either get your dance on to this jam or listen to it while winding down on the sofa with a glass of wine. I Like Girls is simply stellar, and Jimmy Spittz has established himself as a promising young master of this genre.

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