Fin – Playful Secrets


Playful Secrets is a new single from artist, Fin. A 28 year old active duty member of the Army, Fin creates music with the goal of empowering people who may be dealing with issues like anxiety, family addictions or the pain of losing a love one (Fin cites his deceased his father as being an inspiration for his artistic endeavors). These are all delicate subjects to tackle, but the tone of Playful Secrets is empathetic and uplifting in the way it encourages people to face their demons and free themselves, while at the same time recognizing the struggle and emotions people typically face along the way. It is a very honest and complex song that explores these issues from a variety of angles, speaking a language its target audience will understand.

Musically, Playful Secrets features a crisp, unconventionally structured beat that’s memorable and cutting edge. The vocals are passionate and dynamic. The song’s biggest strength though is in the lyrics, which are elaborate and thought provoking. Nothing superficial here. This track digs much deeper than what is typical of the genre. Playful Secrets is a strong track that conducts itself with credible sincerity.

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