Manny J. Moreno – Haven’t Been There


Haven’t Been There is a new single from Los Angeles based producer and singer/songwriter, Manny J. Moreno. The song is from his upcoming album, Where Do We Go From Here, and is scheduled to be released officially on September 18, 2020. Manny is highly experienced in music and production and for a while even owned a recording studio on the Sunset Strip, (in a building had once been Charlie Chaplin’s home!)

As the title implies, Haven’t Been There is actually a sentimental song about a father hoping to reestablish his relationship with his daughter. He expresses remorse over having not been around for some the the important events in her life as she’s grown up. Musically, the song features delightfully meticulous guitar playing, setting the tone and creating a solid framework for the track. Manny’s recording experience comes into play here, as you can really hear the stylistic subtleties and details in the notes. The vocals are heartfelt and sincere, with Manny laying it all out there. His capable voice gets the job done. What makes Haven’t Been There powerful is the emotional realism. This is further enhanced by watching the video, which consists of a montage of family photos that put faces to the lyrics and bring them to life. This a great father-daughter bonding song but will resonate with anyone who might be looking to reconnect with family members and loved ones in almost any context.

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