Wild Other – Midafternoon Melancholy


Midafternoon Melancholy is a new single from Belgium-based artist, Wild Other. At a runtime of just 1:29, this track is short and sweet. It’s beautiful, actually. As the title suggests, the song features a sentimental, rainy-day atmosphere. A warm analog tone, and subtle background noise give the track an organic, vintage character. The music is minimalist yet effective and creating the artistic framing. When you hear it, you understand the sound the artist is going for. This is like listening to an old 45 record gem. It’s right up there with the best love songs on classic indie film soundtracks. Ultimately, Midafternoon Melancholy is vocally driven, and the voice on the recording is indeed excellent. The vocals, which manage to be both technically terrific and creatively avant-garde, carry this song far beyond its meager runtime. The lyrics deal with the subject of loneliness and longing in a very sincere way. I recommend watching the video for this song, as it visually captures the essence of the music accurately. This song is wonderful. I just love it.

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