DRE. – Locked In a Kiss


Locked In a Kiss is a new single from DRE., a singer/songwriter, multi-faceted performer and producer based in Grand Rapids, MI. If you’re looking for that authentic 80s aesthetic, this is where it’s at. Even just the beat for this jam will make you want to crank up the boom box, put on your best pair of jelly shoes and dance ’til you drop. Blending elements of pop, funk, soul and R&B with a voice that could stand alone as its own instrument, the song is exhilarating. The vocals manage to hit some stratospherically high notes that left me in awe. The ambiance is energetic, charming and exciting, like a romantic afternoon of mall madness.


The release actually contains a second track, Let’s Paint the Town. This one has a funky, disco vibe as the artist gets you amped up for the nightlife. Really the beats on both of these tracks are just fantastic. People don’t appreciate the amount of skill it takes to accurately recreate this kind of time tunneling atmosphere. DRE. has captured lightning in a bottle with these gems.

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