Black Note Graffiti – Knights (2)

Knights is a new single from Black Note Graffiti, a well-known band that has toured extensively (from Hollywood to NYC) and worked with some heavy hitters in the music industry. This song rocks. The vibe is both energizing and confrontational. In what could be construed as a chess metaphor, phrases like “We’re taking over your knights!” are asserted confidently throughout the track. The guitars are robust and crisp, fronted by full-throated vocals. Seriously, the vocals are powerful and also solid from a technical standpoint. Tone-wise the sound falls somewhere in between screamo and the classic hard rock/metal of the late 80s and early 1990s. It’s all very clean and well-structured, indicative of polished musicians who know what they’re doing and aren’t just weekend warriors looking to make some noise. There’s excellent cohesion in these performances, enhanced by a professional mix and a pretty rad album cover.

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