The Noise Militia #38/76 is a new single from renowned artist “Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi.” This guy is an indie legend and one of the most prolific songwriters of all time, with a catalog of underground releases that spans several decades. This particular track is apparently over 23 hours long (which would make it the longest song ever). I didn’t have time to listen to the entire thing, but any jam which features a flute rendition of the theme song from Leave It To Beaver is a winner as far as I’m concerned. Steve is a multi-instrumentalist, so we’re treated to quite a pleasant variety of sound. Often times this track functions as an organic collage, with a thick and entrancing blend of noise and creative musicality. It’s like listening to those delightful radio waves emanating from deep in the cosmos as you turn the dial on your walkie talkie.

Lieberman has created a new sub-genre here, with what he describes as a “fusion of military music and noise punk.” That’s actually a pretty accurate characterization. The ambiance of The Noise Militia #38/76 is basically like a musical cauldron, consisting of marching music vibes, radio static, brainwaves, punk rock and morse code. It’s a creative and strangely inspirational release. If you don’t have any big plans this weekend and are up for a marathon, maybe you can listen to this epic in one sitting to achieve the full effect. This song has the potential to open a stargate.

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