Sk8way 10thousand – First Date


First Date is a new single from Louisiana-based artist, Sk8way 10thousand. With influences ranging from Blink182 to Lil Wayne, Sk8way has a creative and unpredictable style. Blending elements of hip hop, R&B, and emo, the song is loaded to the brim with passion and fresh beats. Featuring a fun-filled and exciting Valentine’s Day party vibe, First Date is largely driven by Sk8away’s vocals. His distinctive voice maintains a relatively high pitch and when combined with the sentimental lyrical content, often fits as much within the realm of emo or pop punk as it does hip hop. The song actually rocks in an innovative, experimental kind of way. It’s quite catchy, too. Sk8way has an unassuming and unpretentious style, yet still manages to muster enough low-key charisma hold the listener’s attention. He comes across as instantly likable and the type of performer you really want to root for. There’s genuine sensitivity in his songwriting. I suspect his music will get even more interesting and refined as his budding young career progresses.

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