Fox in Oil – Wanna Fly


Wanna Fly is a new single from Fox in Oil, a singer/songwriter based in a small corner of northern Russia. this groovy, dynamic and retro-futuristic track has an energizing bounce and tantalizing pop flavor. The synth-driven musical backing blends elements of R&B, future-disco and pop to create a stylish and satisfying sound. The mix is rich and melodic. Fox in Oil is also a highly skilled vocalist, and when she belts out the lyrics she reveals the true power-level of her voice. This isn’t your typical, generic and light pop song. It’s actually kind of electrifying. With a song titled Wanna Fly one would expect that listening to this jam would induce a state of euphoria, and on that account it certainly delivers. This is a solid and worthy single, with global appeal. There’s a lot of talent here.

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