Chito Boii – See It Thru ft Mac Nenny


See It Thru is a new single from hip hop artist, Chito Boii. He cites Trill Will as being a mentor and was inspired by artists like Boosie, Webbie, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, e40, and 2pac. The song is essentially an anthem of struggle, hard work and perseverance, as overcoming obstacles in life and “seeing things through” seem to animate the artist’s passions. Chito has an intense and no-nonsense delivery style. He comes across as very focused and determined. The backing music has a fresh, “chimy” rhythm, and the bass is crisp. I was only listening to this on my laptop, but I could tell if this jam was cranked up in the car, the beat would have a cozy boom to it. Family is obviously very important to Chito and the center of his struggle. He refers to the music he makes as being “pain music,” not painful to listen to obviously but more along the lines of facing, dealing with and overcoming pain. See It Thru is motivational, passionate and well-produced.

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