Trynket – Downbeat


Downbeat is a new single from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Trynket. Originally, she is from the islands of Cebu, Philippines. Trynket has developed a growing cult following with her genre crossing music. She has been working diligently for the past two years in the studio, where she has slowly began to incorporate soul and hip hop into her recordings, which had previously been primarily synth-driven.


This latest track, features a stylish, futuristic beat, with eloquent synths. It combines elements of retro-80s quality with 90s rhythm and a full, rich sound. The production quality is excellent. From a sonic standpoint this is about as good as you can get. The backing music is actually clearer and better than what you hear in most major label pop songs. Trynket’s vocals are ultimately what bring everything to life. Her voice is absolutely entrancing. She has a unique and captivating cadence in her delivery, and there’s an exotic, subtly tropical quality in her tone. This song is basically cutting edge synthpop with a hint of R&B flair. This song is ready for prime time and belongs on the charts.

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