Doc Jazz – That Melody


That Melody is a music video from artist, singer/songwriter and actual physician, Doc Jazz. The song is actually a re-release of a song from Doc’s 2008 album, inSURGency. I would not have guessed this on my own, since That Melody is every bit as professional and high quality as the artist’s more recent musical output.

Though the track presents as a mellow and soothingly groovy, “Yacht Rock” style jam, this is actually a powerful song about how music can raise your spirits and free you from despair. The timing of this re-release couldn’t be better. In this rather tumultuous and turbulent year, Doc Jazz shows us how taking a break from the dreary news and listening to some music can help bring you that sense of “inner peace.” As the title implies, the right melody can do wonders for your soul and well being.

This inspirational anthem for humanity is bolstered by the fact that there are a plethora of artists credited with contributing to the song (listed below). In addition to the stellar and uplifting vocal harmonies, That Melody features an array of highly impressive instrumentals. These are professional musicians in action, but there’s nothing mechanical about this song. The performances are brimming with positive energy and feel good vibes. That Melody is like a ray of sunshine, guaranteed to brighten your mood. Doc Jazz has done it again.

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Doc Jazz: lead vocal, backing vocals, composition, lyrics, arrangement, mixing/engineering
Mella Barnes: backing vocals
Hans Sligter: guitar and backing vocals
Eddie Conard: percussion and backing vocals
Joel Ison: piano and Rhodes
Joost Zoeteman: bass guitar
Wim de Vries: drums