Fam Band – Pushin’ On (feat. Frankly Speaking)


Pushin’ On (feat. Frankly Speaking) is a new single from Fam Band, an Ohio-based duo. It’s difficult to classify this kind of jam. It blends elements of alternative, rock and hip hop, with a trace of Americana thrown in for good measure. The best way I could describe it is its like if you combined Modest Mouse with rap music and gave it a more classic, rock’n’roll sound. It’s worth noting that the rap on this track isn’t merely an afterthought to give the son a creative spark. The timing and delivery are phenomenal, and some of the greatest indie rapping you’ll ever hear is tucked away in this song.

I’ve reviewed releases from this outfit before, and one thing I recall is that the vocals were pretty excellent. The singing portions of this single once again demonstrate great technical ability. It’s not just that these guys are good singers, but the vocals are delivered creatively. They’re able to achieve sounds and tones with their voices that most people simply are not capable of. Musically, the song is colorful, and the melodies sparkle as Pushin’ On presses forward with its theme of spirit and determination.

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