Pulse – Adjusting the Space


Adjusting the Space is a new release from Austrian cyberpunk metal band, Pulse. Aesthetically and musically, this might be one of the most futuristic albums ever made. Blending elements of industrial, cutting edge synth rock, metal and EDM, the sound is impressive and formidable. It’s actually very difficult to bring together all of these genres coherently, but these guys have made it look easy. The band’s name is actually very appropriate, as this high octane music is brimming with pulsating intensity. This is like a 21st century space opera. It’s pretty much the opposite of “chillwave.” Songs like Points of Nibiru and Star Light have a theatrical, electric energy, but every track will get your heart beating. Thematically, the songs are dark and honest. Rich with imagery and provocative imagination, the lyrics will really confront you. The artists do not shy away from the morbid or uncomfortable. They face it head on.

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Everything on this album is meticulously well put together. The production has incredible sonic clarity, on the level of a studio film or video game soundtrack. Unlike many other industrial music oriented releases, which tend to have a mechanical feel, the synths here are beautifully melodic, while the vocal and guitar performances provide the emotional depth and dramatic flair of great metal. Adjusting the Space is a polished, powerful album, and it really will take your mind on an intense journey.

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