Nemizzo – 5G (Ft. Santa Sallet) (9)

5G (Ft. Santa Sallet) is a new single from hip hop artist, Nemizzo. This collaborative effort is ambitious and worldly, utilizing 5G technology as a metaphoric motif throughout the song. The synth-driven backing music is wavy and entrancing. As expected, the vocal delivery is solid, as both of these artists are known for their professionalism. The lyrics are witty (ie. Mike Tyson references) and exquisite, spoken with a hypnotic tone that thematically correlates with the song’s vibe.

5G has a relatively chill ambiance while still maintaining its cutting edge appeal and business-like aspirations. Some of the musical effects are really cool and genuinely original. Conceptually, I think this track is highly marketable and could potentially be a breakout song. The performances are top notch and definitely 5G tier.

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