Kii – Love Me, Love Me Not!


Love Me, Love Me Not! is a new EP from artist, Kii. This R&B/Crossover release blends elements of pop and hip hop with classic R&B. The sound is colorful and bright and will immediately fill you with positive vibes. Musically, the songs stir up feelings of nostalgia for innocent times and youthful anticipation. The beats have that healthy and vibrant springtime bounce and Kii’s passionate vocals are brimming with sweet sincerity. In addition to being a good singer technically, she has a voice that’s naturally pleasant and captivating. The mix also makes excellent use of backup vocal layering, which fills out the sound nicely and adds harmonic richness.

On tracks liked Whipped she demonstrates an ability to rap with impressive speed and timing. This is actually probably my favorite track on the album. With it’s retro-futuristic synth backing, vocal intensity and action oriented ambiance, it’s a very cutting edge song. All in all Love Me, Love Me Not! is a concise, compact EP that delivers an emotional impact. Kii also has a single titled, Me & Bey. It’s a romantic jam that with a light and tropical feel, backed by a beat that just sparkles. You can check out the music video for it below.

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