Rockstar Marcus – Wasted


Wasted is a new single from New Orleans-based alternative hip hop artist, Rockstar Marcus. It’s an eclectic “afterparty” jam that blends elements of rock, hip hop, trip hop and a host of other genres. The ambiance is mellow and almost hypnotic, with a beat that’s still vibrant enough to keep a dance floor alive. The backing music has a groovy, almost neo-psychedelic quality. If it weren’t for the robust beat and hip hop components, one could easily imagine this as a straightforward alternative rock/emo pop song.

Despite the title, Wasted isn’t merely about being inebriated (though that aspect is there). It’s actually more of a romantic track, that’s expressing something deeper about the euphoric reward of being in love and sharing a bond. Rockstar Marcus’ vocal delivery is casual, cerebral and quietly expressive. The video for this track is rather avant garde, like a short film. The visuals are unconventional for this style of music, contributing to the psychedelic and hazy atmosphere. It’s quite an eye-catching vid. Ultimately, Wasted is more than it initially appears to be, and Rockstar Marcus demonstrates some promising artistic sensibilities.

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