Kobenz – Gothbxch ft. Spaceman Zack


Gothbxch (ft. Spaceman Zack) is a new single from Minneapolis-based artist, Kobenz. He has only began releasing music recently, and already has amassed a substantial following. This particular track blends elements of alternative, grunge, emo, goth and even a bit of hip hop. Though it takes inspiration from a hodgepodge of genres, the finished product is cohesive, and listeners will pick up on the vibe right away. Against a melodic and slightly industrial-style electro back beat, the vocals are darkly expressive and emotionally authentic. Kobenz conveys a genuine sense of anguish and detectable pain, in a way that is artistically presented and musically satisfying.

The production makes effective use of vocal layering, creating a “voices in the head” effect and correlating with the song’s themes, which center around personal demons and inner struggle. Gothbxch has a deeply therapeutic appeal, for both the listeners and the artist. Contemporary audiences are starving for this kind of humility and honest reflection, and Kobenz delivers.

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