Beyond Here – New Dangers

Beyond Here Cover

New Dangers is a new EP from Nashville-based band, Beyond Here. This album consists of solid and straightforward alternative rock tracks, featuring full, emotive vocal harmonies and brawny guitars. The melodies are dynamic and colorful. This isn’t the depressing or melancholy style of alternative, rather the atmosphere is one of invigorating intensity. It’s actually somewhat motivational, with theme centering around the pursuit of personal improvement. The performances are competent, and the songs have enough structural creativity to stand out. My favorite track on the album is probably, Young One which is memorable and feels like it could be a sleeper hit.

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Fredo Viola – My New Head (17)

My New Head is a new album from Fredo Viola, a singer and audio-visual artist splitting his time between Upstate NY and Texas. This avant garde release was actually designed to be listened to on vinyl, with six songs on each side. (It is slated for an official release on April 9, 2021.) The songs really do have a kind of HiFi or “audiophiliac” quality. While the opening track consists entirely of instrumentals and has an innocent, childlike ambiance, other songs feature powerful, cinematic vocals.

This is almost like listening to a musical soundtrack of a major motion picture. My New Head is an epic production (I’ve listed the plethora of credits below). The atmosphere is largely driven by symphonic instruments, while the vocals put a touch of human emotion into the mix. My New Head is technically superb and reaches a level of artistic purity few could ever dream of.

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Album credits:

CARL ALBACH, trumpet
LUIS MOJICA, additional vocals, additional percussion
IKE STURM, upright bass

Music coordinator – LIUH-WEN TING
Mixed by FREDO VIOLA – final mix adjustments by JUSTIN GUIP
Mastered by DAVE MCNAIR at Dave McNair Mastering
Mastering Coordinator DANIELLE CRISAFULLI

Drawing Arrows – Rojo


Rojo is a new EP from rock band, Drawing Arrows. Combining an unusual array of influences like Australian rock, US grunge, flamenco guitar, Britpop and punk, the sound is positively trailblazing. The vocals are technically impressive and passionately belted out, almost reminiscent of the glam and hard rock heroes of the 80s. The harmonies really enhance the tone, especially in the opening track, No Remedy. Assertive guitars, strategic feedback and and authoritative bass make for a robust musical backing. These mixes are powerful, and the guitar effects are employed in creative ways. Rojo is a solid rock’n’roll release with its own personality.

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The Pink Dust – Dark Seas

The Pink Dust - Darks Seas Cover Art

Dark Seas is a new album from Nashville-based indie rock band, The Pink Dust. The synth-driven tracks are ambient and surreal, blending retro-futuristic elements. The sound reminds me a bit of the band, Of Montreal, but with a slightly darker (as the title implies) energy. Enveloped by atmosphere which straddles the fine line between dreams and nightmares, the vocals have a captivating quality. Sonically, these recordings are very smooth and pleasant to listen to. The mix just hits all the right frequencies. Dark Seas is one of the better contemporary indie rock/pop releases I’ve heard in recent memory. It’s reassuring to know this kind of music is still being made out there. This album is scheduled to be officially released on April 30th, 2021 but is available for pre-order from the link below.

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The Silent Boys – Last Time (16)

Last Time is a new single from The Silent Boys, (from their album, Tilt-A-Whirl). It’s a fresh twist on good old fashioned quality rock’n’roll, with a hint of psychedelia and post-punk vibes. This song just has really great energy. The hooks are well positioned in the song’s structure, making this jam surprisingly catchy. There’s a lot of sincerity in the vocal delivery, and the guitar-driven bridge rules. On the band’s website, they describe themselves as “willfully obscure since 1986.” This band really deserves a lot more attention. They have a professional sound and the sort of “down to Earth” attitudes that makes you really want to root for them This single rules, and you really can’t go wrong with an album that’s named after the greatest carnival/fair ride of all time.

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ZieM – Ksenos

Attachment_1617326302 (1)

Ksenos is a new single from ZieM, a Norway-based hip hop artist originally from Greece. This vigorous new track is brimming with stylishly intense vibes. Backed by a delightfully eerie beat, ZieM’s lyrical delivery is engaging and methodical. He’s capable of rapping at impressive speeds, while maintaining excellent focus and composure. Even without being able to understand the language, you can tell by the tone and diction that this guy really means business. He gives a dynamic performance, fluidly transitioning between different paces and cadences.

The overall sound just has a very slick and clean feel. The video for this jam is professionally made. It’s well-edited and the high quality visuals are crafted into an artistically coherent piece. Clearly a lot of effort went into this project, and it shows.

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Infuhme – Help


Help is a new single from hip hop artist, Infuhme. Backed by an exotic, synth-driven beat, this hypnotic track blends elements of trip hop and chillwave to create a distinctive sound. There are even some detectable reggae influences here. Infuhme has a no-nonsense delivery style as he lays things down eloquently. He’s not shy about telling people to shut their mouths.

Moving at a modest yet deliberate pace, this jam has kind of alt hip hop feel. Atmospherically, the vibe is on the darker side, which definitely keeps things interesting. Various delay and reverb effects on the mix give the song an ethereal, dreamlike quality. It is both mellow and serious at the same time. The beat is retro-futuristic and honestly just really cool. Help is a worthy hip hop release that scores extra points for its stylistic originality.

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OTHELLO is a new single from hip hop artist, AERO BLUE. Featuring an exquisite and symphonic musical backing, this release is brimming with precision style. For a moment I almost began to wonder if this was an instrumental track, as the rapping doesn’t kick in until almost the 1 minute mark. The structure is highly effective though, because you can really feel the suspense and anticipation build, and when AERO BLUE’s delivery materializes, he doesn’t disappoint. He has a creative flow, and his voice maintains a high energy charisma. The lyrics are peppered with cultural, visual and literary references, making this a sophisticated endeavor of pure professionalism.

His other recent track, 3G is ambient and futuristic. The minimalist beat is synth-driven, while AERO BLUE’s vocals take on a more cerebral tone. While the music is slightly more mellow and meditative, AERO BLUE’s delivery remains engaging. It’s difficult to imagine how hip hop artists can stand out in what has become such a crowded genre, yet AERO BLUE is clearly at the top of his game and means business. These releases are definitely in the upper echelon of contemporary hip hop jams.

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Krim$in Terror Phantom – Abyss


Abyss is a new album from Seattle/Tacoma-based hip hop artist, Krim$in Terror Phantom (of the “coastal cult” collective). This high octane EP is packed with fresh, thick beats. Attention grabbing samples interweave smoothly with the content, and the backing vocalizations are often enchantingly hypnotic. Abyss has an intentionally eerie quality. It is both spiritual and businesslike at the same time. The mixes are powerful, and subtle usage of noise gives the music an intensifying jolt. The delivery style is straightforward and assertive, as Krim$in Terror Phantom and various guest artists emit an engaging stage presence. This is a bold, no-nonsense release. The action never lets up, even for a moment.

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Swing Dee Diablo – King of Skulls


King of Skulls is a new album from hip hop artist, Swing Dee Diablo. Set for release on April 30, 2021, this epic project features a plethora of collaborative artists. There are also numerous production credits, such as Zombie Aristocrats, Killa On The Beat, xShy361x, Jinx Beats, and Genius Boy. Swing Dee Diablo is himself a well-known performer, so with this kind of all-star lineup you know it’s going to be legit.

Songs like Vehicles hit with maximum intensity, while the backing beats have a delightfully demonic ambiance. Fundamentally solid hip hop combines with occult motifs to create a sound that opens up a musically inspiring portal to the netherworld. This is spiritually potent stuff and genuinely groundbreaking. Despite the wide variety of contributors, the quality and tone manage to remain remarkably consistent throughout. There’s no telling what King of Skulls will unleash when this crisp album drops at the end of this month.

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