Apricity – All My Lies


All My Lies is a new single from Ontario-based artist, Apricity. Merging elements of pop, alternative, and electronica, the song manages to hit that sweet spot where mainstream appeal and indie cred overlap. Apricity’s style has an edge to it, reminiscent of artists like Shirley Manson, while her crystal clear vocal tone is reminiscent of some of the classic female synthpop singers of the 80s. She has a strong voice and belts out the lyrics with an impressive level of emotional intensity. This song is a good example of how an artist can incorporate musical attributes from the past and manage to create a sound that would resonate with today’s audiences.

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Dean FM – Sissy


Sissy is a new album from Boston-based rapper, activist and influencer, Dean FM (Dean-Fraser Milford). Enveloped by by hypnotic rhythms and a musical backing that’s positively sparkling, Dean FM gives a performance that’s lush with confidence and inspired charisma. The vocal delivery incorporates elements of hip hop and bubblegum pop, and this non-binary artist (who embraces both he and her pronouns) can actually rap.

Style-wise, the presentation is often creative, clever and exotic, while maintaining an impressively choreographed structure. There’s truly a unique artistic persona here. It’s not all fun and games though. The track Bottom Bit sets out to raise awareness about exploitation in the world of prostitution. Compassion, social consciousness and gender neutrality acceptance are essential themes in Dean FM’s work. From a musical standpoint, Sissy is bold, upbeat and radically energizing.

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Jaa – Align


Align is a new single from North Jersey-based artist, Jaa. He’s half-Caribbean, and claims that his moniker (which also happens to be his initials) is a play on the term “Jah.” This latest track combines aspects of pop, hip hop, R&B, soul and even emo. The vocal delivery is sentimental and expressive, with the atmosphere of the song being greatly enhanced by the guitar-driven backing. Align is a very unique song musically, that transcends the boundaries of genre stereotypes.

Jaa has cultivated a distinctive style for himself. He gives a sincere performance and isn’t afraid to open up about his struggles and vulnerabilities. Thematically, Align has romantic undertones and centers around a relationship where two people realize they just don’t see eye to eye. It’s a timeless tale of living, loving and learning.

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Zemirah Singleton – Crazy Over You


Crazy Over You is a new single from Mississippi-based artist, Zemirah Singleton. After being discovered while singing at a local talent show, Zemirah performed vocals for a song titled I Got the Blues, when she was 16 (though she has been singing since the age of 5). Zemirah has also appeared on ITS Lit TV and BET JAMS.

Up against a sparkling back beat, Crazy Over You does a fine job of showcasing Zemirah’s impressive vocal skills. Her voice is dynamic and her tone is lush with soft sincerity. It’s just really pleasant to listen to, especially as she hits those high notes. This girl can really sing, and her performance radiates with youthful, positive energy. The song itself blends elements of pop, R&B and soul, and is just a clean, well-written jam. Zemirah definitely has a future in this industry.

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