Tripindickulous – Insecure


Insecure is a new single from California-based artist, Tripindickulous. This upbeat song combines elements of pop and dance with a hint of hip hop. It almost has a retro-80s pop feel, vaguely reminiscent of Michael Jackson style expressiveness. As the title suggests, Tripindickulous sings about his feelings of insecurity when it comes to love. Ironically, he’s very secure in his delivery. His willingness to be open about his vulnerabilities in itself demonstrates a level of sincerity and artistic courage. Tripindickulous is all about the music and the emotion, rather than simply looking to cultivate an image. Insecure is packed with positive vibes and proves itself to be an energetic pop song. The classic influences and retro rhythms distinguish it from much of today’s bland and lifeless contemporary pop music.

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