Flamingo Cartel and DJ Taro – Red Jordans (feat. papa hooke)


Red Jordans is a new single from Flamingo Cartel and DJ Taro. This suave jam also features the talents of artist, Papa Hooke. Delivered with coy sensuality, the lyrics are catchy and repetitive in a way that makes the song instantly memorable, the first time you hear it. As the title implies, the iconic pair of classic shoes are the centerpiece of the track. With choice lines like “my Jordans are red as your lips,” you can’t really go wrong.

The vocal style juxtaposes nicely with the 80’s style synth-backing. The music really does have a nice “superball” bounce to it, with the vibe falling somewhere between a retro aerobics workout cassette tape or Miami Vice nightclub vibe. The aesthetic is accurately constructed making it very easy for listeners to recognize and appreciate the vision the artists had for this. Fun, relatable and well-made, Red Jordans is fresh in the best sense of the word.

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Shaun Johnson + Big Band Experience – Made For Her

Made for Her cover art

Made For Her is a brand new album from Shaun Johnson + Big Band Experience. This release is pretty slick to say the least. The music has a classic feel, blending a sophisticated old school lounge or “big band” sound with contemporary sensibilities. Regardless of what kind of music one is into, this is the sort of album that anyone would immediately recognize as superb. Well-choreographed instrumentals provide a worthy backdrop for Shaun Johnson’s skillfully delivered vocal harmonies. What a great voice. If I didn’t know any better, I would have assumed Made For Her was released on a major label. Yes, it’s that good. This is exquisite mood music that’s accessible, down to Earth and contains an enjoyability factor that’s off the charts. The songs from this album should be playing in every department store this fall.

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Damon Mitchell – Blurry


Slated for an official release date of Oct 22, 2021 Blurry is a new single from artist, Damon Mitchell. It’s set to appear on the album, Like You’re In A Dream. Despite the song’s title, Blurry features colorful, bright, and crystal clear mix. With its vibrant melodies and excellent production quality, this jam is a represents a sonic jubilee. Damon Mitchell’s performance is polished and pristine. As a musician he’s obviously competent on a technical level, but he also manages to bring a bit of personality to his vocal delivery. He has his own style that blends young professionalism with an appreciation for soulful, classic rock’n’roll.

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Doug Cash – When Mona Lisa Cries


When Mona Lisa Cries is one of several tracks from Sacramento-based artist, Doug Cash. Blending elements of pop, soul and country, he gives a performance that’s brimming with passion. Backed by groovy and robust guitar melodies, Doug’s expressive vocals represent an emotional tour de force. He really belts out the lyrics and has the voice to pull it off.

Musically, the song is dynamic, featuring an impressive amount of complexity even within a rather minimalist mix. Like this artist’s other jams, When Mona Lisa Cries has authentic energy and humanist vitality. A singer/songwriter, producer, arranger and musician, Doug is also president of Pryor 2 What ? Records & Music Publishing (ASCAP).
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Radio Drive – Before The Day Is Through

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Before The Day Is Through is a new album from Radio Drive, an alternative pop rock band fronted by Kevin Gullickson. The songs on this release truly shine as high octane guitars combine with stellar vocals in a mix that’s sonically satisfying. The production quality is really something else. There’s just so much richness there. While the guitars drive the action and set the tone, Kevin Gullickson proves himself to be an excellent singer, much better than one has typically come to expect in this genre. Before The Day Is Through is brimming with dynamic melodies and emotionally powerful lyrics. Professional musicianship is evident on every track. Though this music is incredibly polished and precise, it retains its soulful spirit, thanks to some genuinely organic performances.

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Website: http://www.radiodrive.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/radiodrive
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/radiodrivemusic

ET Boys – Something Love


Something Love is a new single from ET Boys, a musical duo comprised of Latino brothers, Tacboy and Sharkeyes. They have a distinctive musical style, which they describe as “Nu Pop” or “Nu Pop Melodic Rap.” Their latest single blends retro-futuristic, synth-driven melodies with colorful vocal harmonies and sentimental lyrics. The music has an enchanting and somewhat tropical vibe.


Despite its modest pacing, the track revels in its electric energy, and the mix is full, bright and peppy. Ultimately, this is a romantic jam with pop sensibilities and an innovative structure. The synths are excellent, and choice lyrics like “I don’t need no bros and I down want no slimes” are surprisingly catchy. Something Love is a solid song, with ingredients that should appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

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Isabel And The Whispers – (Self Titled Album)


Isabel And The Whispers is a self-titled album from the band fronted by singer/songwriter, Isabel Marcheselli, with bandmates Alec Menge (drums) Octavio Padron (guitars) and Soils Minor (bass). Isabel was born in New York, but her parents were South American immigrants (her father actually worked as an engineer for NASA). It’s also worth mentioning that the songs on this release were all written by Isabel.

You get the idea right away with the opening track, Josefina. Colorfully dynamic melodies and sentimental, poetic lyrics drive the action against a loungy, piano-driven backdrop. The music has a very innocent and timeless feel. It reminds me a bit of Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. The pacing is mellow, but the performances are as powerful as ever. Emotion lives in these songs. Isabel demonstrates terrific range as a vocalist, and her voice works well with the quaint, rhythmically atmospheric backing music to bring about a pure and delightfully haunting ambiance. The band is currently working on a new album, Isabel and The Whispers 2 – WANDER, which is slated to be released next year.

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Josh Christina – Weekend Night In America

Josh Christina WNIA

Weekend Night In America is a new single from artist, Josh Christina. To say this music absolutely rules would be an understatement. Seriously, this is like authentic 1950s rock’n’roll with 21st century recording quality. Vibrant, upbeat and a loungy, the song has a kind of Jerry Lee Lewis/ Big Bopper energy. Josh Christina’s performance is lively and comes at you with a side of southern flair. He blends talent with taste and classic, soulful style. Few artists can put out material that is on par with the quality of their musical influences, but Josh Christina has done just that, and if he had been born in another time, would likely have been performing right along side them. This isn’t a purely retro work though or homage. The song creatively incorporates synths and other modern elements, establishing that Josh has his own distinctive style and isn’t afraid of experimentation. An inspirational working class anthem, Weekend Night In America is easily one of the best songs of the year.

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Brian Iannucci – You Stole My Heart Away

BI Cover Artwork

You Stole My Heart Away is a new single from singer/songwriter, Brian Iannucci. The track is from his album, Kiss You For The Rest Of My Life. As you might have guessed from the song title, this jam is ultra romantic. Backed by lovely piano melodies, Brian Iannucci conveys the lyrics with eloquence and skill. His voice is brimming with sincere passion, but he manages to perform in a composed and refined manner, balancing the delicate gracefulness of romance with a bold voice. This is a love song in every sense of the word, and it is very well done. If the occasion is right, and the moon is full, You Stole My Heart Away could be just what the doctor ordered.

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Moors & McCumber – Survival

Survival Cover 72 dpi 8x8

Survival is a new album from vocal harmony duo, Moors & McCumber. Blending elements of folk rock and Americana, the songs have a sentimental and humanistic quality. Against a mellow, melodic and minimalist musical backdrop, the vocal harmonies really do drive the action, functioning as a kind of spiritual center. These guys are both excellent singers and perform with an unmistakable sincerity, giving the listener an experience that’s as natural and real as it gets. I highly recommend watching the documentary on the making of this album, as it really goes into depth about Moors & McCumber’s motivations and the journey it took to make this release a reality. Survival is what you get when you combine musical professionalism and skill with a down to Earth setting. Folk at its finest.

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Spotify Pre-Save: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/moorsandmccumber/survival