1sPlace Poet – So High 22222

So High 22222 is a new single from Orlando-based hip hop artist, 1sPlace Poet. Let me just say straight up that this recording is smooth. 1sPlace Poet’s delivery flows naturally. Peppy pacing blends with melodic tone to make it crystal clear that he is not just a poet but is well versed in the art of musicality. This is especially impressive in that the actual beat is fairly minimalist. 1sPlace Poet’s voice ultimately carries the song, though strategically incorporated backing vocals add a bit of fullness and enhance the sound.

You might assume that a song with a title like So High 22222 would be some kind of fun, novelty track, but be prepared to be caught off guard, because this is in fact a high quality piece of hip hop music, with hints of R&B and soul. The artist has another recent release called Can’t Nobody. When comparing the two tracks in a recent interview, he stated that “one is for smokers, and one if for lovers.” However, in my opinion both of these jams are for anyone who can appreciate decent music and chill vibes.

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