Fluid Dynamic and Pepper Gomez – SuperFreakMe

SuperFreakMe is a new single from Fluid Dynamic (Scottish DJ Ross Valentine) and Pepper Gomez (Owner of the label Wake Up! Music). This delightful Nu House track features a crisp, highly danceable and crystal clear mix. The beat has a fresh, retro-futuristic bounce to it. I was instantly impressed with the audio quality on this recording, which is brimming with sonic detail. Melodic and expressive vocals add an emotive, human element to the song, allowing it to ascend from the strictly mechanical realm.

SuperFreakMe is sleek, high energy and professional. Pepper Gomez considers this release to be something of a follow-up track to Electric Baile, an 80’s dance hit she sang on that remains popular to this day. There’s a lot of skill here. These artists both appear to have plenty of releases and experience under their belts, and it shows.

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