Deane Nesbitt Jr. – Tracking the Soldier

Version 20

A lot of musicians have had strange day jobs over the course of their lives, but Deane Nesbitt Jr is one of the first artists I’ve heard who once practiced law for over a decade and co-founded an investment management company. His latest single, Tracking the Soldier appears on the aptly titled EP, Soundtracks in the Sand. This is indeed soundtrack music. It’s multi-instrumental ambiance which has a classic feel. Tracking the Soldier is not boom box roaring, action sequence material. Rather this song is more mellow and contemplative. In fact, this particulr track would be ideal for meditation and wellness exercises. It’s very relaxing but also has the power to evoke emotion and pull thoughts out of you. Unlike many contemporary instrumental songs, this one doesn’t consist of “synth beats.” There are actual organic instrument sounds being used here. It’s just good old fashioned world music. The cover image of the beach really captures the mood, as my first thought while listening was that this reminds me of the music you’d hear in exotic desert and island related films of the 40s and 50s. Be sure to check out the rest of Deane’s EP, because the songs are all quite different and interesting.

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TexMex Shaman – Fever In the South


Silly me! When I sat down to review Fever In the South, (a new EP from Dallas based artist, “TexMex Shaman,”) I naively assumed it was going to be a standard country or “roots americana” type album. Spoiler alert: It isn’t. What it is precisely, I’m not quite sure… other than that it’s very powerful stuff, the kind of music you can astral project to.

The lead single on th EP is Roll over Matryoshka, a 6-minute kaleidoscopic musical odyssey, with elements of synthwave, rock’n’roll, psychedelia, noise, disco, and maybe even a hint of twang somewhere in there. Despite this eclectic amalgamation, the song doesn’t sound like some sort of jumbled collage, because the track delineates these elements in various “phases” along the way. This leads one to suspect there’s some type of epic abstract journey or underlying narrative at play here. The artist also reveals a few clues in the description of the video:

boy chases girl
boy loses girl
boy fights off hell demons with disco power

If one were to visualize this song, that does seem like a plausible characterization of events, but I would also say that it’s open enough to interpretation to be whatever you want it to be. Just use your imagination and get into the zone. My favorite part of Roll over Matryoshka is when the disco kicks in, partially because I love disco (and this disco segment is particularly good) but also because this is the point in the song where you realize there is actually something grander or cohesive at work here. It’s the point where I made up my mind that this track was a splendid little work of abstract art. I can’t help but think that this song must have taken a lot of work. There are lots of instrumental hooks, beats, guitar riffs and imaginative transitions, which have been meticulously put together in a coherent way. There’s nothing shoddy or amateurish about this mix. TexMex Shaman plays all the guitar and bass stuff himself and does so quite well. His tone and style reminds me of late 60’s early 70’s bands like The Pretty Things and Jefferson Airplane, basically post mod era but before classic rock. It’s just very groovin.’

The rest of the EP is a worthwhile listen as well, as each of the other songs stand on their own with distinct identities. One particularly entertaining track is Peking Bass, the sound of which could best be described as C+C Music Factory on acid. There’s also a nifty, mini outro titled You look kinda like my neighbor Gordon (lol,) which sounds like it was made from 1950’s spaceship sound effects like those you’d hear in movies like The Forbidden Planet or old Twilight Zone episodes.

This guy clearly doesn’t give a crap about musical conformity or industry standards. That’s a good thing, because 99% of what is played on the radio today is garbage and isn’t interesting at all. TexMex Shaman’s Fever In the South is on another level and will attract the audiences who dwell on those wavelengths which can’t be purchase with mere money (you should still buy the album though.)

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Peripheral Method – Runner (DLMD remix){2019 version}


How many layers of remixing are you on? The question comes to mind with Runner, a new jam from California based sound artist and producer, Peripheral Method. Runner is described as a “new version of a remix of The Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down,” by Peripheral Method, a California-based sound artist and producer. It ultimately does’t matter many musical derivatives are sliced and stacked into this collage, because the end result is something beautiful. This avant garde track is thick with ethereal ambiance. It retains a meditative quality while also boasting enough peppy synth activity for one to dance to. This is artful EDM for the thinking man (or woman,) falling somewhere in between indie folk and dreampop. The song flows continuously for the 6 minute duration, like a mini-wave on a desolate beach. In true collage form, the sounds all feel like they are part of each other. With heavy usage of echo/delay, nothing is separated here in the mix. Everything feels like one long dreamy motion. Peripheral Method strikes me as an abstract perfectionist. This version of Runner is a keeper.

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Im Just Dane – I Don’t Need’em (Clean Master)


I Don’t Need’em is a new single from Chicago raised and Los Angeles based artist, “Im Just Dane.” The song is a fast paced conglomeration of emotion and style. It’s contemporary, high energy R&B with hints of classic hip hop. A party jam that remains lively throughout, the track features carefree lyrics guaranteed to loosen the mood. Dane’s delivery is charismatic and upbeat, never boring. Far from being monotonous, his tone is dynamic, and he demonstrates some versatility as a vocalist, not afraid to change it up or experiment with his voice. Dane’s humble presentation of himself as an artist is refreshing, but don’t let that fool you. I Don’t Need’em (Clean Master) shows that he conceals his power level, knows how to liven up a dance floor, and is secretly ready to bust a move at all times.

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Roseburg – Wave


Wave is a new single from Provo, Utah based band, Roseburg. The members of the group are actually from all different parts of the country originally, and the band is named Roseburg after the town in Oregon where they began writing their first album.

Judging by the band’s bio, I was half expecting Wave to be some kind of melancholy, northwest style indie pop track. I was pleasantly surprised (blown away actually) to discover this song is energetic and absolutely rocks. The guitars are tight with a touch of crisp distortion. The music is peppy and melodic, falling somewhere between indie rock and 80’s new wave. The vocals here are especially remarkable, far beyond the level of what one expects from a contemporary indie band. These guys really hit the the jackpot with the singer and should hold on to him. All around this is a very precision performed track, and everything in the mix sits where it should. The fact that these guys are all from different places makes me think of them as an indie all star steam of sorts. Just great musicians that work well together.

The highly anticipated single from their upcoming debut album “Righteous Punk”, entitled “Be Good” is to be released on May 25th”. Fans can enjoy the new single by following Roseburg on all platforms.

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G-baby – Fake Love

fake love

Fake Love is a new single and music vid from rapper and hip hop artist, G-baby. The video is a collaborative effort between G-baby, UK producer Kamron Lord, and videographer Brett Malinowski. It’s a colorful and avant garde production with a funky vibe, reminiscent of hip hop vids from the early 90’s. Musically, Fake Love is minimalist. The light beats take a backseat to G-Baby’s low-key, laid back poetry style delivery. His voice is soft spoken and casually hypnotic. The music video features some really creative and well-timed editing, literally adding new dimensions to the song. Fake Love also manages to be an unexpectedly genuine and even romantic song that actually is about the search for real love.

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Hundred Round Kado – Spin the Block


Spin the Block is a new single from Boston based hip hop artist, Hundred Round Kado. The jam opens with some attntion grabbing synths and transtions into a crisp beat. Hundred Round Kado’s conversational style delivery is quick witted and biting. His dynamic ability to frequently switch speed and pacing is impressive. The title of the song is repeated often enough to be memorable and catchy, but I’m struck by just how much original lyrical content and narrative the artist is able to pack into this song. A big part of it is his quick (and practically nonstop) delivery. The song has a richness to it, and Kado brings to it the ingredient which every rap artist needs to be successful, a unique personality. The production on here is very good as well, really a fresh mix.

Follow Hundred Round Kado on Snapchat (@the100roundkado,) Twitter (@100roundkado,) and Instagram (@hundredroundkado).

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Wlav – Shatter


Shatter is a new single from a DIY electronic producer, vocalist and artist known as Wlav (real name Ryan Allen.) He has a number of releases under his belt and experienced an early surge in popularity on Tumblr a few years ago. I would characterize Shatter an experimental piece of electronic music. It’s filled with dark, slightly spooky and unpredictable turns. The moderate pacing and synth driven ambience make for a retrofuturistic dreamscape. With it’s haunting and mechanical noise choices, Shatter would fit rather well as dance club scene music on the soundtrack of just about any early 90’s SciFi film. The title of the track, Shatter is a clue to the essence of the song itself, as it functions as a cohesive collection of somewhat scattered sounds, like a collage. Anyway, this track is interesting and should appeal to anyone who appreciate’s meditative, avant garde electronic music.

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