Lola Rising – Moving Forward

LR_Moving Forward_Cover_phixr

Moving Forward is a new album from Colorado-based band, Lola Rising. This 6 song EP consists of finely crafted, island folk rock music. The sound is organic and deeply melodic, offering up a bright, colorful ambiance that blends elements of reggae, rock and folk. These are songs that make you want to learn the words and sing along. They emit positive vibes and are just very welcoming. The band members come across as seasoned musicians, demonstrating professionalism without pretension in their performance. There are no smoke and mirrors employed in this production, as vocals and instrumentals shine through clearly, with minimal processing. The singing is particularly excellent and soulful, this being one of those genres like R&B or lounge where you just can’t fake it. Moving Forward is spiritually upbeat, musically fun and comes with a hearty dose of humanity.

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J.Drive – All I Need (prod. dillygotitbumpin)


All I Need is a new single from hip hop artist and songwriter J.Drive. This track is very professional, and one realizes right away that the performance is of major label quality. One thing that distinguishes J.Drive from many rappers is that he can actually carry a tune. He sings pretty well in fact. In addition to being very tight with the beat, his delivery is fluid and pleasantly melodic. He maintains a moderately intense pacing throughout, his voice in lockstep with the music the entire way. You start to wonder if this guy will ever have to come up for air. He really demonstrates great timing and breath control.


The backing music is energetic and brightly ethereal, while the beat is crisp and formidable. This is a no-nonsense, pure precision, high caliber hip hop jam. At a runtime of roughly 3:31, All I Need cultivates a concise, compact and dynamic sound, making the most of every second of the recording. There’s no phony hype or slick packaging surrounding this release. All of the talent and energy has apparently gone into the substance of the music, and on that front, J.Drive (as well as Dillygotitbumpin and King Atiim) has delivered the goods.

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DJ Kazo – Time Travel – Techno EP


Time Travel is a new techno EP from artist DJ Kazo, set to be released on April 24th, courtesy of Dark Web Records. A 24 year old Latvian artist currently based in Ireland, DJ Kazo blends elements of traditional trance with acid techno, adding in a bit of contemporary flair for good measure. The songs have a dark energy and have a maintain a consistent, subtle intensity througout. This music penetrates and hypnotizes with a laser like focus. I would describe the sound as retro-futuristic, as it reminds me of a lot of early 90s techno (the best era in my opinion) I listened to when I was in high school, yet the artistic vision in these songs is forward thinking, and the production quality is up to 21st century standards. The vibe here is a little more “cyberpunk” and a tad darker than the cute, “bright and fuzzy” sound that I associate with most contemporary EDM music. There’s considerably more intellectual depth and emotional range in these recordings. The EP only contains 3 tracks (a 3P!) but still manages to pack plenty of heat. Psychically speaking, this music has a high power level. Finally, a DJ with skills and good taste.

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YB Linkz – YB Linkz Mixtape


YB Linkz Mixtape is a new release from hip hop artist, YB Linkz (formerly known as just “Linkz”). This EP features an ensemble of guest artists, including A.Vinchi, K.Reef, Koko Banx, Swelly OD, Kenni, Heavy Thought and Yun Nostra. This all-star cast combines forces to create a hip hop Voltron of chill. The songs are more melodic than the average hip hop jams out there, as YB Linkz has cultivated his own unique style, one which blends a variety of musical genres with his own fascinating backstory.

YB Linkz was born in Brooklyn to a musician father (reportedly signed to Universal Records) and cultivated an interest in making music from an early age. After a few unlucky breaks in the music industry, he ended up doing a stint in the Marine Corps of all places. To make a long story short, after going through some stuff, getting out of the marines and finally getting a couple of releases and party jams under his belt, he’s come out with this self titled mixtape.

The tracks utilize some very high quality beats, mostly synth driven. Along with the vocal effects and editing, a futuristic, almost “trip hop” atmosphere is created. It’s very smooth and ambient. My Life’s a Party may seem like a common title for a hip hop song, but I can assure you this is unlike most rap music you’ve heard. It has a very deep and hauntingly industrial sound. In a similar vein, Got What You Want blends a smooth, retro synth beat with contemporary charisma and a modern edge. The music flows creatively and contributing performers add a distinctive flavor to each track. All of these people can rap, and YB Linkz’s devotion to his collaborative associates and friends is admirable. They each get their shot at the limelight in these recordings, and the finished product has a more polished and complete sound as a result. For his part, YB Linkz has an assertive delivery and transforms his voice into a melodic musical instrument in its own right. This is a solid mixtape. YB Linkz clearly has passion and is absolutely driven when it comes to making music. Stay tuned for more from this guy.

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Capo Corleone – Don’t Play (feat. B. Gullie)


Don’t Play is a new single from Capo Corleone. The song also features B. Gullie and is a prelude to these two artists’ upcoming collaborative, effort Hawallywood. Blending hip hop with a plethora of other stylistic influences, Don’t Play stand out as having a unique sound. The groovy, unconventional beat is fronted by dual rap vocals. The lyrical delivery has subtle rock’n’roll and funk qualities to it, but the tone is very crisp and straightforward hip hop. Really excellent production on this track, perhaps partially owing to the artist’s background as a music industry executive. There’s effective usage of vocal layering, and everything sits cozily in the overall mix. Don’t Play is cool, catchy and keeps it classy at all times.

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Raymon G. – Nadie Se Entera (feat. Ralfy Haze)


Nadie Se Entera is a new single from Puerto Rican artist, Raymon G. Also featuring Ralfy Haze, this track packs in quite a bit of intrigue and suspense into its modest runtime. The song is in a style known as “Urbano Latino” (which I am unfamiliar with, but one can quickly pick up on the vibe). Nadie Se Entera deals with the conflicting emotions experienced by a man and a woman who are having affairs behind each other’s backs. The lyrics are completely in Spanish, and the vocals are delivered in slightly hushed tones, as if whispering a secret in musical form. Synth driven beats take on a slightly futuristic character, while maintaining recognizably latin American undertones. As the complex narrative intellectually enhances the song, the music is vivacious and approachable enough for the average person to dance to it. Nadie Se Entera is brimming with sensual tension.

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Kyd Money – Kyd Money

kyd money

Kyd Money is a new, self-titled single by the LA rapper of the same name. This sizzling jam maintains its intensity from beginning to end, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Utilizing classic samples and a dope beat, Kyd Money lays down the lyrics assertively. With a delivery that’s pointed and clear, he demonstrates a great sense of timing. Strategic breaks and pauses are employed for effect at critical moments, giving the song the occasional spark to break up any potential potential monotony. The production is particularly good when it comes to the vocals, which are presented organically and without any unnecessary processing. Kyd Money has a good natural voice, that can stand on its own.This single makes a bold statement. The guy can actually rap, and he does so with inspired confidence confidence in this tasty little recording.

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Wolf Mason – I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why

i cant sleep

I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why is a new EP from Florida-based artist, Wolf Mason. The songs deal with the artist’s struggles to come to terms with facing the real world. Overcoming the temptation to run away from his problems, he chronicles his challenges in a very sincere and self-aware manner. His lyrical delivery is sentimental and refreshingly humble. We’re treated to over 10 full minutes of pure, unadulterated soul searching. The backing music is mellow and at times almost resembles that of an indie alternative rock album (particularly on the last track). I get the sense that creating this EP was a very therapeutic experience for the artist. The lyrics will resonate with a lot of people, as the “coming of age” issues he grapples are very relatable. I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but it makes for an enjoyable late night listen.

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Vincent Krennerich – Gedanke


Gedanke is a new EP from a 21 year old, Germany based pianist and composer, Vincent Krennerich. This soft and delightfully haunting release quietly mesmerizes with its atmospheric ambiance. Minimalist, piano driven melodies convey delicate emotions that straddle the fine line between blissful tranquility and rainy afternoon blues. These approachable recordings are brimming with class, yet do not contain any pretentious undertones. The songs have a cinematic quality to them, as though you’re listening to a contemplative, dramatic sequence in an avant garde film soundtrack. The final piece, Das Tal has particularly climactic and evocative moments. Gedanke is very reflective in nature, and whether or not one interprets the music as somber or uplifiting can be dependent on the individual listener’s mood at the time. From a technical standpoint, the music is very well done. The mix allows us to experience every meticulous detail of the piano sound, leaving nothing concealed or blurred. Even for its short duration, this is a mature release that subtly but powerfully explores various depths sentimentality.

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King Du – Survival


Survival is a new single from King Du, a hip hop artist representing Brockton, Massachusetts. This tenacious anthem exlores the suffocating struggle of our “survival of the fittest” world. Embracing the realist mentality of “doing what you’ve gotta do,” King Du’s action oriented lyrics focus on perseverance and overcoming obstacles. The song is catchy and his use of a football running back as a visual metaphor is effective in conveying the central theme. He’s out there breaking tackles and just pushing whichever way he can to get those few extra yards ahead. King Du’s delivery is assertive and subtly motivational without coming across as arrogant or preachy. He presents as a humble guy just “aiming for a goal.”

The song has an unexpectedly cool guitar intro before the beat kicks in (for a few seconds I momentarily wondered if this might turn out to be an alternative rock song). Then track quickly transitions to a high octane beat and removes all doubt. There is some light processing on the vocals, as is common in contemporary hip hop and pop music, but it isn’t particularly excessive or distracting. For his part, King Du actually can rap well and at an impressive pace. He’s a skillful lyricist as well and does a fine job at constucting a cohesive narrative. While Survival doesn’t try to position itself as being profound, it absolutely captures the zeitgeist of the times we live in.

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