Frally – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (feat. Rufus Wainwright)


Girls Just Want To Have Fun (feat. Rufus Wainwright) is a single from artist, Frally. The song is a re-imagined version of the iconic Cyndi Lauper classic from the 1980s. Frally apparently recorded this jam as an homage to Paris Hilton. What’s interesting about this track is that the pacing is more mellow, and the tone is more sentimental than the original, which was lively and upbeat.

In Frally’s version, the mood has a tragic, almost haunting vibe. The element of rebellion is still there, but it’s more emo. There’s more of an emphasis on the struggle and the toll of becoming your own person, rather than just partying and letting loose in a shopping mall. This is a great example of how the listener’s perception of a song can be completely changed if the presentation is altered, even when the melody and lyrics are the same. It’s worth mentioning also that Frally’s gives a solid vocal performance, and the recording itself is technically competent.

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Anna King – Keep Running Back to You


Keep Running Back to You is a new single from Switzerland-based artist, Anna King. This sparkling and melodic pop/EDM track is brimming with positive vibes. Backed by an ambient and ethereal beat, Anna’s dreamlike vocals keep the listener enchanted. She performs with passion and genuine feeling. This is a sensitive and romantic track that deals with the triumph of the heart over the logic of the mind, in being unwilling you love go even though the relationship may have faults. The music really has a nice flow, and everything blends together pleasantly in the mix. There are some climactic moments of euphoria near the end of the song. Keep Running Back to You is a colorful pop song that should resonate substantially with its target audience.

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Stephon Foster – Love Adrenaline and Purple Sky (1)

Prolific artist Stephon Foster has bestowed us with two fresh new singles, hot off the presses. Part of a new album (the title of which has yet to be revealed) that will consist of peaks and ballads, chronicling Stephon’s survivability and shortcomings after the artist’s previous album, Beware. These latest tracks are intensely personal, heartfelt and brimming with psychic sensitivity.

Featuring bright melodies and delicate introspection, Purple Sky is all about seeing the light after facing difficult obstacles on life. Stephon Foster always somehow manages to keep a positive attitude. Survival and persistence are recurring themes. The lyrics offer encouragement and motivation to anyone who might be going through something similar. There’s a real passion for living in this song, and it contains one of Stephon Foster’s best vocal performances to date. (2)

Love Adrenaline has a jazzy, romantic vibe and a pumping rhythm. It keeps with Stephon’s trademarked “fun spirit,” but don’t let that fool you. This is an explosively romantic track, ideal for Valentine’s Day. Packed with passionately expressive sincerity, you can almost sense the fireworks going off and the sparks flying. The backing beat on this jam is really energizing and has a classic feel. At times this track almost seems like a 1950s or 60s pop song, with its innocent sound and bubblegum sweet tone. As the title would suggest, Love Adrenaline is vibrant and invigorating, just the way love should be. Stephon’s usage of vocal layering adds an element of euphoric togetherness and gives the mix a little extra sunshine.

It’s great to see Stephon still going strong and making music. These latest releases demonstrate that this relentless and unstoppable artist continues to reach new artistic and performance milestones. Keep your eyes peeled for the new album, where even greater power levels are sure to be realized.

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VeeA The Artist – Make It Happen


Make It Happen is a new single from Virginia-based hip hop artist, VeeA The Artist. Featuring a performance that’s brimming with passion and enthusiasm, this high-energy song is actually quite inspirational. As the title suggests, this track encourages people to pursue their dreams and make things happen. Anyone who has ever been stuck in a dead end job that holds them back from achieving their goals will be able to relate to this. The video incorporates a complex “office” narrative component, like a short film (and also contains some amazing mural backdrops).

Musically, Make It Happen is backed by an ethereal and melodic beat. It’s one of the better backing beats I’ve heard and has an almost haunting, 1960s quality. For his part, VeeA The Artist has an assertive delivery and maintains a good flow throughout. He has great presence and raps at a modest pace His vocals are accentuated by some harmonious effects, which creatively interweave the vocals deeper into the rhythm. Overall, the mix is full and powerful. Competent production blends with genuinely good music to make this jam a worthwhile release.

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Arcane T-Rubble – Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget is a new mixtape from artist, Arcane T-Rubble. Blending elements of trap soul, R&B, hip hop and funk, this 11-song release is set to drop on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) via the label, Untouchables Records Realm. A prolific artist, Arcane T-Rubble already has a number of recent releases under his belt. His sound is typically vibrant and cerebral, featuring swift, well-timed lyrical delivery that frequently interspersed with smooth narration. Thematically, the songs have romantic undertones, while the backing music is high energy and club-friendly. Singles like Twix and Phoenix are perfect examples of this, although Arcane T-Rubble seems rather versatile and open to stylistic experimentation. Keep your eyes peeled for Forgive and Forget, as Valentine’s Day is only a week away.

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Kemikal Storm feat Davedema – Beautiful Earth


Beautiful Earth (featuring Davedema) is a new single from electronic music band, Kemikal Storm. This song appears on the recent full-length album, Orion Way. Idealistic and bold, Beautiful Earth is propelled by retro-futuristic synths and fronted by passionate vocals. The ambiance is dreamlike and melodic. There are a lot of space oriented motifs and related imagery, which correlate effectively with the overall sound.

Brimming with euphoric energy and positive vibes, the music approaches the universe with a sense of wonder and excitement, rather than focus on the lonely aspects of deep space. The backing beat is surprisingly dynamic. It’s much more creative and eclectic than what one normally expects from EDM-adjacent music. Interesting usage of vocal layering combines with tribal elements in the beat to create an almost spiritual experience. Beautiful Earth really does take the listener on an exotic and ethereal journey.

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Myles Maxwell – Circles


Circles is a new single from Los Angeles-based artist, Myles Maxwell. This soulful rock jam is a breath of fresh air. Maxwell performs with a passion and sincerity that’s become so rare it almost feels like this recording is from another time. The production is clean and real. Unlike most contemporary mixes, you won’t find any excessive processing or smoke and mirrors.

Taking things at a modest pace, impactful drums combine with grooving guitars to create a full-bodied, melodic sound. Ultimately, Myles Maxwell’s vocals are what really carry the song though. His voice is dynamic and professional. Just as importantly, there’s authentic emotion in his delivery. Lyrically, the song has a rich narrative and deals with the toll that dating takes on a person. Circles is a solid single, and the artist comes across as someone you really want to root for.

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Always Tyrants – These Days


These Days is a new release from Always Tyrants, a hard rock band based in Fremont, Nebraska. This track is the lead single from the group’s upcoming album (scheduled to be released on February 26th) of the same name. The sound is fresh and polished, featuring a robust mix and commanding guitar presence. These guys can actually play and have great synergy. Everything comes together meticulously.

There are some climactic points of the song where the music is really blaring and quite frankly, just rocks. The vocalist has some charisma, and you can tell this band definitely loves performing and putting on an entertaining show. Lively and brimming with youthful energy, this jam will get your juices flowing. These Days is a competent and straightforward hard rock song that delivers as advertised.

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Matilde G – Doorbell


Doorbell is a new single from Singapore-based artist, Matilde G. This cutting edge pop track is brimming with style and confidence. Matilde G’s delivery style is assertive, sensual and dynamic, while the backing music is audaciously melodic. Matilde G’s gives a vocal performance that is off the charts. Classy and professional, yet seductive, her voice is a weapon. Excellent songwriting, clever lyrical hooks and a charismatic presentation give this jam all the makings of a pop hit.


You honestly have to hear this song and appreciate just how good it is. Unlike most contemporary pop music, there’s nothing cheap or gimmicky about the sound. Matilde G makes the most of her vocal talents up against a backing track that is jazzy, futuristic and vibrant. Doorbell is incredibly catchy. Given the right exposure, this would easily climb the Billboard Top 100 and soon be playing in department stores everywhere. This artist can go all the way.

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Terry Blade – American Descendant of Slavery

Akimbo _ Dreamscope

American Descendant of Slavery is a new album from Chicago-based singer-songwriter, Terry Blade. This epic release features a whopping 19 tracks. Amalgamating a range of styles like R&B, soul and folk, the songs explore cultural, racial and social themes from an African-American perspective. What makes this album particularly unique is that it utilizes genuine audio recordings of former African-American slaves (and their descendants), which were obtained from the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. These narrative snippets and monologues give the album a powerfully sincere quality, making this work not only an as avant garde musical project but as something for the historical record.

ADofS_The Album_TerryBlade_CoverFront_final

The music itself is both haunting and inspiring. Terry Blade conveys a very real sense a pain (with songs like Black Hurts) that reverberates throughout, but there is also sensitivity and promise in his voice. His artfully passionate and honest vocals combine with groovy, mellow and exotic instrumentals for a fresh sound. Yet, the recordings also have a classic, minimalist feel to them. With the analog vibes and intimate presentation, at times this is like listening to an old soul or folk record. The narrative stories are fascinating, while the backing music enhances their delicate sentimentality. Ultimately, this is a very engaging work of art. American Descendant of Slavery is scheduled for an official release of February 5th.

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