Son of Satan – Monsters Under My Bed


Monsters Under My Bed is a new single from artist, Son of Satan. This ambient track blends elements of hip hop with an entrancing mantra that’s quite catchy. When Son of Satan bursts into hip hop verse, the intensity revs up, and the song really kicks into high gear. As a rapper, he demonstrates some genuine skill. His crisp delivery elevates the track into something beyond a mere novelty or experimental jam. From a structural perspective Monsters Under My Bed balances a sense of foreboding with suspense and high octane action. The build up is very well orchestrated. This is one of those songs where you can’t really predict what it’s going to be like just by glancing at the cover, but regardless of what listeners might be envisioning, the music delivers in execution. Monsters Under My Bed is an engaging and delightfully eerie treat.

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Carla Marie McKrell and Joe Vulpis – Now’s the Time


Now’s the Time is a new single from Carla Marie McKrell and Joe Vulpis. This colorfully sentimental adult contemporary track is uplifting and professionally performed. It’s all about sharing and compassion, as the “now’s the time” the title refers to is the time to help those who are in need. There are elements of spirituality as well. The song contains some really euphoric hooks and chord progressions, quite literally delivering the feel good vibes embodied in the lyrics. Now’s the Time is one of those memorably classic “anthem” type songs which (if it becomes globally popular) can define a particular era. It’s rare to see such positivity and humanizing spirit in contemporary mainstream-friendly music but here it is. The song is passionate and gentle at the same time.

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Electric Peace – Hate Is A Special Feeling (Single)

electric peace(2)

The title track of their EP of the same name, Hate Is A Special Feeling is a new single from Reseda-based band, Electric Peace. This rockin’ jam subtly offers up social commentary while guitars and vocals reverberate into the worldly abyss. With choice lines “the gift of hate feels good when you masturbate,” you can’t really go wrong. It helps also that the music is quite good. The persistent question of “are they being ironic or aren’t they?” gives the song an added sense of mystique. The repetitive nature of the chorus makes this song extra catchy, and you will quickly find yourself absorbing the mantra and singing along. This is a solid single, which blends shades of psychedelia with Gen-X style cynicism. Love it.

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Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band – Live at 6010 (2)

Scheduled for an official release date of August 15, 2021, Live at 6010 is a new album from Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band. This New Orleans based outfit and a slick and stylishly jazzy sound, incoropating blues and funk into the mix as well. The songs on this release are soulful and have a classic feel. I remember there was a bit of a craze with bands reviving this style back in the early 90s. Jon Roniger and the Good For Nothin’ Band reminds me a lot of the first groups I ever went to see live as a teenager before the ska/pop punk era began to take root. The horn melodies are exquisite and classy, while the vocals have that loungy, coffee house flavor. The singer is really exceptional and has just the right kind of gritty vocal tone to lend the music its experiential credibility. These are great musicians, and as far as recordings go (live or otherwise), you’re not going to hear much better than this.

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Electric Peace – Hate Is A Special Feeling

electric peace(2)

Hate Is A Special Feeling is a new EP from Reseda, California based garage band, Electric Peace. The group’s sound is often described as “psychedelic punk.” The guitar melodies on these songs are deep and have a delightfully ominous quality. This EP has a certain edge to it, while the lyrics are often witty and potent. It reminds me of music from another time, a better time. A Special Healing rocks hard, thanks to musicians that can actually play their instruments and an artistic vision that’s brimming with healthy level attitude. These recordings are “loud” in not the literal and figurative senses of the word. Radical stuff.

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Sun-Pinned Leaves – Rock’N’Road

R_R SPL Pic Square SMALL

Rock’N’Road is the 4th album from England-based band, Sun-Pinned Leaves. Interestingly, their sound combines elements of Americana with rock, while the ambiance captures the spirit of adventure and the wide open frontier. You get the idea right away with the opening track, Give Me Your Love, which feature peppy guitars, dynamic melodies and stylishly engaging vocals. It just a real robust and organic rock’n’roll sound. The songs have an impressive amount of complexity, with a lot of different instrumental and vocal components coming together. They take a lot of creative twists and turns musically. No shortcuts were taken in writing these jams.

Rock’N’Road has the feel of a sonic travelogue, one with stellar performances and groovy, occasionally lounge-like vibes. The professionalism of the artists is consistent throughout. These guys can definitely sing and play their instruments. The lyrics are vivid and rich with substantive detail, allowing listeners to visualize these experiences as if we were stowaways on the journey the entire time.

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RF-SOL – Go Back


Go Back is a new single from Virginia-based lyrical hip hop artist, RF-SOL. Produced by Tone Adix Productions, Go Back is the first single off of the upcoming EP, Light Bringers. What’s striking about this song is how melodic and sonically rich it is. This isn’t just rhyming or performative hip hop. Go Back is musically phenomenal and would be appreciated even by those who don’t normally listen to hip hop. The production really brings out the best possible mix. Seriously, the recording quality is sparkling.

RF-SOL’s delivery is passionate and charismatic, but just as importantly he demonstrates some decent singing capabilities. This jam has a fairly high degree of difficulty in terms of performance, and his voice is able to measure up to the standard. As a rapper, he has a smooth, natural flow, and really you can just tell he’s a professional and knows what he’s doing. Ultimately, Go Back is about perseverance and determination to live one’s life after dealing with tragedy and loss. There’s reflection, hope, spirituality and a lot of soul-searching in this genuinely inspiring song.

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Tripindickulous – Insecure


Insecure is a new single from California-based artist, Tripindickulous. This upbeat song combines elements of pop and dance with a hint of hip hop. It almost has a retro-80s pop feel, vaguely reminiscent of Michael Jackson style expressiveness. As the title suggests, Tripindickulous sings about his feelings of insecurity when it comes to love. Ironically, he’s very secure in his delivery. His willingness to be open about his vulnerabilities in itself demonstrates a level of sincerity and artistic courage. Tripindickulous is all about the music and the emotion, rather than simply looking to cultivate an image. Insecure is packed with positive vibes and proves itself to be an energetic pop song. The classic influences and retro rhythms distinguish it from much of today’s bland and lifeless contemporary pop music.

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FEELSOUL – The Feels


The Feels is a new single from hip hop artist, FEELSOUL. This track is slated to be officially released on August 13 but is available to pre-save on Spotify and other platforms. As demonstrated on recent songs like GOD Freestyle, FEELSOUL blends invigorating backing music and lively delivery with deep, reflective ruminations about life. This guy actually can rap, too. He maintains a swift flow and has a natural sense of timing.

The Feels largely relates to love and humans’ desire to be in love. Becoming more open is the key to experiencing the full effect of love in our relationships, as we transition from mere attraction and infatuation to experiencing something more potent emotionally. According to FEELSOUL, by removing our self-imposed limitations and opening up, we can permit ourselves to be in love.

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