The Remus Tucker Band – Come On


Come On is a new single The Remus Tucker Band, and outfit based in Denver, CO. With it’s vivaciously twangy guitars and spicy vocals, the song captures an authentic Southern rock and blues sound. It has a delightfully rural and down home feel to it, while remaining absolutely rockin.’ Remus and the band come off like veteran music professionals. You can tell just by listening that these guys have earned their chops playing at bars and clubs for years. Nothing amateur about this recording. The production is far above average for this genre, pretty much major label quality. Come On is one of those songs that entices you to get up, take chances and have an adventure. It’s like a friend trying to persuade you to go out and have a wild time while you’re moping around on the couch. The spirited energy is attractive and contagious. It’s a great Friday night “drive home from work” song and listening to it should get you in the mood for some fresh excitement.

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Maxime – The Honest Me P1


The Honest Me P1 is the latest album from Paris born artist, Maxime. This release sparkles with a minimalist mix of vocals synths and guitars. Maxime’s vocals pretty much carry the whole show, as exemplified in the opening track, Is This Love? The music tends to start off rather mellow but gradually builds and the final minute of the songs explode into an encore of emotional fullness. Other songs like Little Words utilize piano elements but follow this same structural blueprint as well. The best way I could describe his sound is that it’s like a French equivalent of the artist, Bright Eyes. Maxime really seems to pour his heart into his lyrical delivery, and his singing is good enough to hold its own prominently in the mixes. The songs are emotionally expressive, energetic and have an uplifting tone. Maxime is obviously a very talented individual, and this is a solid, sincere indie pop album.

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Mark Winters – Strong


Strong is a new single from artist Mark Winters and set to appear on his upcoming album, Slipstream. As the title suggest, the song is motivational in nature, but not in a gimmicky way. The track is very powerful musically, and has kind of alternative pop edge to it. It slowly builds and when it fully kicks in around the 42 second mark, this jam really starts rockin.’ This guy’s not afraid to take chances with his vocal abilities, and it pays off. At times he utilizes his voice in unique ways tonally, as if it’s another instrument. This is ultimately which gives the song its character. The mix is very nice, too particularly in the chorus portions where there is a lot going on. It’s all layered and situated very effectively. This is a worthy pop song, with vaguely retro vibes. I’ve reviewed thousands of releases on here, and this performer strikes me as more memorable than most. I will remember and recognize this guy’s unique voice anywhere.

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Sauveur Eloheem – Chill


Chill is a new album from France based rapper, Sauveur Eloheem. True to the title, this album is in fact one of the most mellow and meditative hip hop releases I’ve ever heard. The subtle pacing of the ambient backing music and Eloheem’s soft spoken delivery make for an avant garde aesthetic. This almost reminds me of advanced poetry reading or performance art narration. Sauveur’s voice is hypnotic and pleasant to the ears. I don’t speak French, so many of the lyrical content I don’t understand, but you do not have to speak French to enjoy these recordings, as more than anything they evoke a certain reflective mood. Production wise, the tracks have a warm analog quality, with L’Énergie de la Prière for example featuring some precious crackling and tape hiss. My favorite track on the album is probably La Lumière et la Vérité due to the delightfully eerie and haunting piano/synth backing music.

The presentation and content of this album is more artistic than most contemporary hip hop. It elevates the genre from simple party jams and posturing to something more highbrow. It’s almost as if it combines rap with elevator music or easy listening. The title track Chill has a warm and cozy, fireside chat vibe. This album ambient and poetic, one of the most interesting hip hop releases in recent memory.

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Mr. Rey – No Worries


No Worries is a new single from hip hop artist, Mr. Rey. The song mixes elements of pop, rap and electronic dance music. The backing music is ambient and somewhat dreamlike, with synths that up the track’s dramatic quotient. Delivery wise, Mr. Rey likes to hold his cards and toy with the listener a bit, starting out kind of mellow and low key but then slowly building momentum for a big payoff. At the beginning I wondered if perhaps this was just a pop song and whether there would be any rap at all. He oscillates back and forth between singing and rapping, and when he kicks his rhymes into high gear and reveals his power level, he can really get on a roll.

Mr.Rey City Lights

One of the recurring favored motifs associated with this artist is “perseverance.” That theme is represented heavily in this song as well. In the lyrics, he admits that basically nothing is going his way, but that the future is bright. He just keeps going. For Mr. Rey, the question is not if his day will come, but when.

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Megan Golden – Faster


Faster is a new country pop single from Nashville singer/songwriter, Megan Golden. With her colorful hair and fashionable look, Megan may not resemble the stereotypical country performer, but she definitely hits all the notes musically, where it counts. Faster is an eclectic song with the potential to appeal to a wide variety of people. Rather than just being strictly guitar and vocals, the track makes excelllent use of synths to offer a listeners more reflective and ethereal experience. Megan’s softly expressive voice is magnetic and addictive. The song strikes a nice balance between tenderness and energy. In other words, you could listen to this song quietly in your room while you’re contemplating your romantic life, but it’s upbeat and powerful enough to be the pulse of a dance party. This song is a good as anything you would hear on a major label today, and Megan has all the ingredients of a budding new pop star. If she stays persistent, the breaks will keep coming her way.


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ill-logicz – True Love


True Love is a new single from Miami based hip hop artist, ill-logicz. The track was produced by Sean Wrightand also features the artist, Zorenzo. The song thematically and lyrically articulates the struggles that couples go through, but ultimately assured us that if it’s true love, then the relationship will endure. For the most part, this is a pop song, but there are elements of hip hop and R&B which are peppered throughout. The pacing is mellow but the backing music is packed with ethereal energy. Vocals on this recording strike me as heartfelt and emotionally expressive. This romantic number is likely to resonate with anyone whose experienced the ups and downs of a rocky relationship. I’ve definitely been there a few times.

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Ben Teeney – I Want It All

ben teeney (1)

I Want It All is a new single from Ontario, Canada based artist, Ben Teeney. He has expressed plans to release a new track every 8 weeks. I Want It All is a colorful and lively pop jam. The vocals also give off some emo vibes, which was a pleasant surprise. Ben’s voice leads front and center. He’s a capable singer and delievers his lines with passion and charisma. The backing music is an array of beats and synths which flow unpredictably but give rise to the song’s chaotic beauty. I Want It All is a whirlwind of emotion and angst. I could definitely imagine this being played on the radio or in department stores.

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Joemayk – Lost Paradise


Lost Paradise is a new single from Joemayk, a singer/songwriter/producer of Venezuelan descent. Joemayk is a musical veteran, with a career dating back to the late 1990s. This particular song is an eclectic blend of classic and contemporary rock. The performance is very good, with some excellent guitar work and cool synth to spice things up a bit. I’m also impressed by the vocals on this recording. With this style of music one can sometimes get by with the bare minimum in terms of vocal skill, but this guy really can sing and goes above and beyond the call of duty. The gamble pays off, as his passionate and professional vocals elevate the song to a higher tier. Joemayk’s experience really shows with this track. It’s well written, polished and competently performed. If I had to describe the sound I’d say it’s uniquely somewhere in between Franz Ferdinand and Aerosmith. It has a contemporary 2000s feel, but there are traces of classic rock influences throughout the song.

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Forest Robots – Inevitable


Inevitable is a new single from Forest Robots (the name for the musical project of Francisco Dominquez.) I’m familiar with the artist, having reviewed one of his previous releases. This new release has a slightly different feel. While Timberline and Mountain Crest had meditative, nature oriented thematic elements, Inevitable gives off more of an 80’s nighttime vibe. The retrofuturistic synth backing strikes me as something which wouldn’t seem out of place in a dance club scene on the soundtrack of a 1980’s thriller. I don’t think I’m that far off as Forest Robots lists Depeche Mode as one of the influences for this song. Indeed, he captures that sound quite well, and it’s apparent from listening to just the first few seconds of the recording (I didn’t even read the description info prior to my initial listen and could still detect the sound he was going for.) Also I should mention that the synths themselves are awesome, haunting but in an emotionally deep sense. The track is very catchy, and I would rate the danceability as quite high.

The vocals are somewhat poetic, as in the lyrical delivery is somewhere in between spoken word poetry and singing. The voice is just very pleasant to listen to, and it really does remind me of the best of 80s and early 90s synthwave. The song itself deals with self empowerment in a world of commercialist consumerism. Ultimately, that is where we see can the connection between this and the artist’s previous works. The meditative self exploration and idealized reverence for nature aren’t limited to a literal walk in the woods. We can channel the spirit of natural world even while on the dance floor or on a late night drive through the city.

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