Vincent Krennerich – Flugträume


Flugträume is a new single from 21-year-old Bavaria-based artist, Vincent Krennerich. As hinted by the cover art, the title means “dreams of flying” and is a common German expression. The song itself is a majestic mini-masterpiece. Krennerich’s piano playing is delicate and meticulous, conveying emotion that’s both elevating and sentimental. Sparse, sensitive keystrokes and strategic pauses cultivate an aura of openness and reflective solitude. The chorus-like musical backing energizes the ambiance at climactic points. Clean production and a minimalist mix allow the listener to appreciate the sonic details and subtleties of the recording. Unpretentiously inspirational and thought provoking, Flugträume is an avant garde and melodic song that glides quietly under the radar.

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Jay Stott – Wreckage of Now


Wreckage of Now is a new album from Colorado-based artist Jay Stott. The sound is basically roots Americana blended with rock’n’roll. As a performer, Jay gives off the vibe of a rugged and well-traveled musical journeyman. He’s obviously a seasoned songwriting professional and knows how to play his instruments. Many of the songs have romantic undertones within the the context of their adventurous, open-road ambiance. One of the best of these is Desert Heat, which features hauntingly ethereal backing music (including some pretty groovy guitar riffs). Lyrically, this album takes on a reflective, almost confessional tone. It’s as if we’re listening to the artist reveal his true feelings about certain meaningful people and events in his life. From sorrow and regret to passion and euphoria, he runs the gambit of emotions. Wreckage of Now is rich with life experience and is quiet satisfying.

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DRE. – Detective Blue


Detective Blue is a new single from Grand Rapids-based singer-songwriter, dancer and producer, DRE. Fresh off the presses, this peppy track is brimming with 80’s inspired vibes. Featuring a retro synth-pop backbeat, Detective Blue is a stylish gem that’s sure to stand out in a good way. The vocals are dynamic and expressive, as DRE. belts out the lyrics with stylishly emotive delivery and genuine passion. If this had come out in 1985 there no doubt in my mind it would have been featured on a popular movie soundtrack. Taking inspiration from real icons, this guy is operating at a very high level artistically, and he could run circles over most contemporary pop stars, even just in terms of taste.

Detective Blue is a catchy song, and in a just world this would be in the summertime Top 40 radio rotation. It definitely deserves some recognition. Excellent songwriting combines with quality execution and charismatic energy. The result is top-tier entertainment for your listening pleasure. People will be dancing in their room to this.

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Purple Tone Flower – If I Were


If I Were is a new single from artist, Purple Tone Flower (the solo project of Mauricio Flores Sánchez). This reflective track was apparently inspired by the artist’s experience running an errand in the city with his 2 year old son. He noticed his son’s expression of both overwhelming awe and a bit of fear as they maneuvered through the rush hour crowd. So the song basically takes a look at the world through that perspective.

Musically, the song is excellent. Blending elements or rock, funk, pop, and a host of micro-genres, If I Were has a polished and groovy vibe. The guitar work is meticulous and professional, with a sonically pleasing, vintage tone. You can hear every note in its delicate, delightful detail. The ambiance is bright, and the action moves quickly. The emotive and dynamic yet subdued vocals are just the right for this adult contemporary style of music. While the song subtly possesses some melancholic undercurrents, the melody has a nice, bouncy pop to it. Overall, the track cultivates a carefree and inspirational outlook, offering the listener a brief relief from the everyday pressures of city living.

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Damien Knight – Horas Traviesas (feat. G-LUCID)


Horas Traviesas is a new single from Damien Knight, who enlisted the talents of fellow artist G-LUCID for this reggaeton banger. To give you a taste of the content, in English the title translates to “naughty hours.” Featuring a captivating intro and exotically melodic backbeat, the song is crisp and catchy. The vocal delivery is tight with the rhythm, while the mid-paced beat is danceable and fresh. This crowd-pleasing club jam is sure to get the juices flowing. The production quality is solid, with a compact and punchy mix. Keep your eyes peeled for Damien and his team: ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE and G-lucid, as they continue to crank out new music releases for the world’s enjoyment.

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Pablo Saucekay – I’m Wit It


I’m Wit It is a new single from Cincinnati-based hip hop artist, Pablo Saucekay. One thing that’s striking about this track is that there is very little musical backing. Demonstrating his confidence and capability, the song is almost fully driven by Pablo Saucekay vocal delivery. His performance is quick-witted and engaging, like an amplified version of spoken word slam poetry. While the beat is minimalist, it definitely gives the song a rhythmic, bumpin’ structure. At the times when the music does kick in, it is utilized to great effect to provide a dark ambiance. This is just raw and authentic hip hop, (not surprising, given that the artist lists NWA as one of his primary influences) without any smoke and mirrors or “tryhard” hype. Pretty good stuff.

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Drew Ramz feat. Alex Scott – Wasted Away


Wasted Away is a new single from artists Drew Ramz and Alex Scott. The song cultivates a tropical, summertime ambiance and lyrically pays homage to the classic Jimmy Buffett hit, Margaritaville. Giving things a contemporary twist, the track chronicles the modern experience of leisurely club culture. There are elements of nostalgia and reflection. Musically, the song is casual and melodic, with bright, oceanic vibes. It has a bit of an early 90’s, retro feel even though the lyrical content largely relates to the 2020s. Wasted Away is catchy, quirky and fun, while the tone implies an underlying sadness. It manages to enjoy the fruits of derivativity while creatively establishing its own identity. The brief hip hop interlude adds another nostalgia-activating dimension, reminiscent of the light, once prevalent summertime pop songs of yesteryear. Wasted Away is scheduled to be released officially on August 21st, 2020.

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David Cummins – Reflections (3)

Reflections is a new album from Manchester-based singer/songwriter, David Cummins. Inspired by legends like James Taylor and Roger Waters, David is a veteran musician, who honed his craft during a late 70s and early 80s golden age period of UK classic rock. After a lengthy hiatus, he recently returned to making music as a way to come to terms with the death of a love one.

A powerful album, Reflections immediately brings to mind comparisons to Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues. This isn’t surprising, given that David collaborates with guitarist Calum Robertson, whose work makes an appearance on several of these tracks. A surreal and synth-driven atmosphere gives each song an epic, orchestral aura. Meanwhile, rocking guitars and engaging vocals constitute the heart of the music. The vaguely psychedelic ambiance is entrancing, allowing the listener to take a meditative mental journey. This music has cinematic, almost fantasy quality. Indeed, one such mesmerizing track is even titled It’s Like Living in a Movie. One of the darker songs musically, Save Our Soul, opens with a synth intro that sounds like something you’d hear on a John Carpenter film soundtrack. My second favorite jam on this album is Caterpillar Eyes, which features funky guitar work and some penetrating lyrics. (5)

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Reflections is the level of depth. This is a true “full album,” and it explores a vast array of subject matter: romance, spirituality, angst, societal struggles…the list goes on. The lyrics don’t take any superficial shortcuts either. The lyrics (often abstract) are rich with detail and symbolism. There’s a voyeuristic element here, as the listener often feels like they’re eavesdropping on someone’s private thoughts. It’s almost finding a diary or a stack of deeply personal, yet profound letters. The final (and title) track, Reflections clocks in at over nine minutes and contains probably the best vocal performance. This song is absolutely outstanding and is truly a cut above. David Cummins clearly has a passion for the material and is a very cerebral songwriter. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s always great to see someone inspired to get back into music and manage to produce work of this caliber.

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Walking Apollo – Self Titled EP

Logo1-01 (1)

A debut self-titled EP will soon be available from singer/songwriter, Walking Apollo (the stage name of Fort Worth-based artist, Buddy Taccolini). Slated for official release on August 8, 2020, this indie folk
gem features sentimental lyrics and a quietly rocking melodies. Reflective tracks like The Apple Falls cultivate an ambiance that’s reflective and naturalistic. Vocals and acoustic guitars drive much of the action, blending elements of folk, rock and Americana.

Though the artist describes his recording equipment as “rudimentary,” I have to say the production quality is quite good. From a sonic standpoint, these songs are practically commercial grade, which may not be what an independent folk artist is aspiring to achieve, but the performance leave plenty of indie cred to spare. The meticulous, delicate guitar playing is rich with detail and even contains a hint of twang. The minimalist mix allows the listener to fully appreciate the caliber of musicianship, as everything is out in the open. There is nowhere to conceal or obscure any potentially weak links in the chain. Female vocals appear often and their complementary effect helps to accentuate the album’s folk charm. Though the album has a compact and open feel, it does incorporate some effective layering to give things a bright, full sound. There are romantic undercurrents in some of these songs, but they take on a subdued, innocent form. The mood here would best be described ad the musical equivalent of a landscape painting.

Taccolini-2459-Edit-WEB (1)

It’s difficult to standout in a genre this crowded, but that’s largely a marketing obstacle. Taccolini has proven himself to be a more than capable songwriter. If this guy was around in the 70s, he’d probably be a household name by now. The songs on this EP are indeed very good, combining heartfelt sincerity with technical ability. There’s potential for this project to go a long way, but even just the artistic purity of it will brighten the listener’s spirits a bit.

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