Romano – Ker-Blam!


Ker-Blam! is a new single from artist, Romano. The song features a piano and synth-driven beat that maintains a consistent suspense and subtly brooding vibe throughout. Romano’s delivery is straightforward, deliberate and methodical. Rapping at a moderate-to-quick pace, he demonstrates excellent flow and timing. His deep voice contains an intensity that brings the listener to attention. What’s most noticeable though is that he raps for long periods of time without breaks. When this guy’s on a roll, he doesn’t come up for air. In terms of content, not a single second of this track is wasted. True to its title, Ker-Blam! packs quite a blast for its brief 1:42 runtime. The beat slowly transforms into an delightfully ambient, ethereal musical over the course of the song. Ultimately, this is a loaded single that’s brimming with youthful energy. I recommend listening to this jam on a loop for the full effect, or if you happened to blink the first time around.

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G-Rant – Too Long


Produced by Tory Vee and presented by Diamond Nation LLC, Too Long is a new single from artist, G-Rant. The production on this track is polished and mainstream friendly. While it’s loaded with pop appeal, from a content standpoint this song is touchingly sentimental and deals with the tragedy of losing one’s mother. Too Long is musically vibrant yet somber at the same time. G-Rant’s performance is sincere and his presentation is pure professionalism.


This tender song will tug at your heartstrings a bit. I highly recommend checking out the video also for the full experience. It’s very well made, and the image is high quality (hi-def!). The visual component to G-Rant’s expressive delivery enhances the emotional impact of the song. This is a solid single, and G-Rant has made it for all the right reasons.

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Justin Case Rapping Grandpa – Jeff Hardyy (feat. Ace Young & Tezza Baretta)


Jeff Hardyy (feat. Ace Young & Tezza Baretta) is a new single from hip hop artist, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa. Justin describes himself as a “real grandpa who raps.” Apparently he was homeless 5 years ago before slowly climbing to where he is today. Though he definitely has a sense of humor, his music is not a novelty bit. He definitely has some legit skills, and you’d never guess he’s a grandpa from his performance, which is virile and brimming with vitality. His delivery is charismatic, and his voice asserts a rather commanding presence. You just get the sense that this guy is ready to handle biz at all times. As a song, Jeff Hardyy has a fresh and funky beat. Both Ace Young & Tezza Baretta triangulate the track powerfully with their distinguishing performances. They all have great musical synergy together, and you can tell they really had a ball making this track. Their vocals blend cohesively, and each rapper gets his moment to shine. Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has an audiobook out as well. Be sure to check out the link to the upcoming concert below if you are going to be in the Wilmington, NC area.

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Nathan Sloan – On Fire

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On Fire is a recent single from artist, Nathan Sloan. The song appears on his independent EP, Peter. What’s immediately notable about this track is that it contains some of the best vintage guitar tones I’ve ever heard. I used to work in the amplification and high end audio industry, and I’ve seen people spend tens of thousands of dollars attempting to achieve this kind of sonic goodness. On Fire also features some sparkling synths and crisp bass. The mix has a robust and rich fullness while retaining a compact, minimalist quality to it.


Nathan’s vocals are dynamic and he sings rather well. His delivery is fluid and stylish, with a little bit of old school indie flavor. He reminds me a bit of some of the better vocalists in late 90s and early 2000s garage revival bands like The Strokes. His performance is emotive yet also confident. The recording itself has a clean, analog sound. The whole thing is just very professional. Keep your eyes peeled for Nathan Sloan’s upcoming multi-genre EP, Beretta. Inspired by the loss of his friend Shwan to police brutality, his latest project apparently includes appearances by legends like Lil B The Based God, Luscious Duncan and Thrashkitten (Sooper Swag Project).

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Kaylee Patterson – Other Side


Other Side is a new single from Montreal-based artist, Kaylee Patterson. This avant garde indie pop track is beautifully melodic. The afflicted sentimentality and tender charm in her vocals will instantly endear you to Kaylee. She has one of those softly assertive voices that seems built for indie. This music is artistic pop with mainstream appeal, in the spirit of cited influences like Lana Del Rey, Alexandra Savior and Leonard Cohen. It combines organic acoustic guitars with ambient, ethereal synths to create a bright and entrancing sound. Ultimately though, it’s her singing that’s responsible for the emotional magic in this recording, especially where harmonies are employed to enhance the effect of her vocals. Kaylee initially got into making music as an outlet to deal with relationship struggles and heartbreak. The expressive sincerity in this song is off the charts. Other Side just feels so real. Kaylee Patterson manages to achieve what most contemporary pop artists fail to do. She has successfully harnessed the power of high quality production without compromising the sensitivity and poetic substance of her song.

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Dodelle – My Castle


My Castle is a new single from Belo Horizonte-based band, Dodelle. The group describes their sound as “independent authorial rock.” Felipe Fleury and Marcela do Valle are also credited with working on the production of this particular release. My Castle features some excellent guitar work. The tones are warm and crisp, while the playing style is bold and assertive. Vocalist Julie Vasconcelos delivers a charismatic performance. She sings well and delivers her lines with stylish flair. Production quality is top-tier, with a crystal clear mix treating us to maximum sonic quality. This track will really get you amped up, as it feels like you’re listening to it on a cranked up, high end stereo. It’s incredibly catchy and just rocks. My favorite parts of the song are when the backing vocals yell “castle!” I highly recommend the video as well, which is professionally filmed, well choreographed and features some of the coolest settings and visual props you’ll ever see in a music vid. This jam is a hit.

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Tide Tan – Namaste


Namaste is a new single from rapper/singer, Tide Tan. A recurring theme in Tide Tan’s music is that “no matter how you feel or think about something, it is okay to do so and that you are never alone.” In the case of Namaste, the inspirational message deals with passion and fulfillment that comes with finding the right person to be with. The music is mellow and has a tropical pop vibe, while a firm beat gives it a healthy pulse. Tide Tan’s vocal delivery takes on a light pace but is loaded with sentimental passion. Namaste is a celebratory track, with lyrical expressions constituting a sort of “emotional victory lap” that comes with discovering true love. The video for this song features a summertime beach setting, emphasizing the aquatic ambiance and carefree romanticism. Namaste is a feel good jam that will lift your spirits, especially if you’re in love.

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Joseph Nevels – Safe


Safe is a new single from artist, Joseph Nevels. Joseph has previously received millions of streams and had his music featured on Netflix and in films. The latest song, Safe, was produced by some big names, including Noah Barer and Grammy nominated Johan Lenox. What’s impressive about this track is how it manages to establish avant garde and intellectual credibility while retaining its appeal to a wider, pop audience. As the title suggests, Safe is making a statement about safety. To paraphrase the artist, the song is about the , need for safety and security. It addresses the issue specifically within the context of emotional safety as a necessary component to forming healthy, loving relationships.

Musically, the backing music has a an ambient, almost analog quality, with subtle tape noise and organic sounding synths cultivating an aesthetic atmosphere. It’s all very dreamlike and ethereal. Really though, it’s Joseph Nevels’ vocals that carries the song. He has an excellent voice and can hit some impressive high notes. I mean this guy has clearly had some training and is really a phenomenal singer. His performance lives up to the caliber of the names associated with the production of this project. I realize it’s incredibly difficult to stand out and gain traction in a crowded genre like this, but this song has the means to do just that. It’s a very strong release.

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Visionz2turnt – Drip Glitch


Drip Glitch is a new EP from hip hop artist, Visionz2turnt (V2T for short). True to the title, the songs incorporate glitch-hop style beats, while blending elements of trap, rap and pop. The resulting sound is highly creative and spontaneous. Visionz2turnt’s delivery is tight with the beat, and he makes use of dynamic vocal inflection for maximum flavor. He really is a naturally exciting performer and doesn’t merely go through the motions. His technical ability is strong as well, as he is able to change pace abruptly without missing a step. Many rappers would not be imaginative to deliver lyrics with the flair and vibrancy that V2T demonstrates on these recordings. Production quality is solid. Someone did a great job of mastering, as the mix is full, clean and extra loud. My favorite jam on here is probably CLOUT PACK, which features some fresh 8-bit electronic sounds that accentuate the retro-futuristic beat nicely. There’s a lot of action to appreciate on this lively little release.

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Cali Summers – Pacific Coast Highway


Pacific Coast Highway is a new single from California-based recording artist, Cali Summers. Brimming with West Coast style, the ambient backing really does capture the oceanic feel of a scenic drive down the PCH. The artists laid back delivery and regionally topical lyrics complete the circle of the song. This a a summertime jam through and through. The beat is mellow but still has a nice kick to it so you can crank up the bass if you’re in the mood. I really like the backing music, which is fluid and synth-driven. In an abstract sense, Cali Summers has constructed a “vibe” here as much as he has a song. It brings back some fond, youthful memories of a place I haven’t been to in a long time.

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